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Wedding Invitations Canada, serving Candian cities including Toronto, GTA, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary!    Wedding Cards serving the USA including New York, Boston, Los Angeles and more!   WEDDING CARDS TORONTO, CANADA

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Wedding Invitations

Invitation 3800: Ice Pearl - Deckled edge wedding card using the ice pearl paper.
$3.99 CDN | $3.79 USD
Invitation 3801: Ice Pearl, Gold Wax, String Ribbon - Deckled edge invitation on ice pearl with a clear vellum wrap, string and gold wax seal.
$6.49 CDN | $6.29 USD
Invitation 3802: Ice Pearl, Gold Wax, String Ribbon - Torn edge wedding card on white paper with a floral print.  There is string and gold wax seal.
$5.89 CDN | $5.69 USD
Invitation 3803: Ice Pearl - Single card wedding invitation with a deckle torn edge.
$3.99 CDN | $3.79 USD
Invitation 3804: White Gold, Silver Wax - Torn deckle edge wedding card on white gold with a printed floral vellum wrap and silver custom wax seal.
$5.99 CDN | $5.79 USD
Invitation 3805: White Gold, Blush Wax, Blush Ribbon - Deckle edge wedding card on white gold paper with blush ribbon and blush wax seal.
$5.79 CDN | $5.59 USD
Invitation 3806: White Gold, Ivory Wax, Antique Ribbon - Deckle edge white gold pearl paper with custom floral print.  Clear vellum wrap with antique ribbon and ivory love wax seal.
$6.49 CDN | $6.29 USD
Invitation 3807: Ice Pearl, Gold Wax, Sage Ribbon - Deckle edge wedding invite on ice white pearl paper with sage green ribbon and gold wax seal.
$5.79 CDN | $5.59 USD
Invitation 3808: Antique Pearl - Torn deckled edge wedding invite on antique pearl paper with a vellum belly band wrap.
$4.89 CDN | $4.69 USD
Invitation 3809: Ice Pearl, Antique Ribbon - Deckled edge wedding invite on an ice pearl paper with an antique bow around.
$4.79 CDN | $4.59 USD
Invitation 3810: White Gold, Gold Wax, Deep Blush Ribbon - White gold deckle edge wedding invite with a blush ribbon and custom gold wax seal.
$5.79 CDN | $5.59 USD
Invitation 3811: White Gold, White Ribbon - White gold deckle edge wedding invite in landscape with a clear vellum wrap and torn white ribbon knot.
$5.69 CDN | $5.49 USD
Invitation 3812: Blush Pearl, White Ribbon - Torn edge blush pearl paper with a torn white ribbon knot.
$4.89 CDN | $4.69 USD