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Invitations for Weddings Made in Canada, serving Canada including Toronto, GTA, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg!    Wedding Invitations serving the USA (U.S.A.) including New York, Boston, Los Angeles and more!   WE SHIP INVITATIONS FROM TORONTO, CANADA!


Wedding Invitations

Every year, the designers at Stephita release a brand new line of invitations to keep up with the trends of the upcoming wedding season. We specialize in custom wedding invitations so you can change the colors and configuration of any of our wedding invitations. Feel free to drop in and browse our showroom or book an appointment to meet with a consultant.

..:: Floral & Wax Seal Wedding Invitation Collection Gallery ::..

  • Wedding Invitation lc10: Cream Smooth, Deep Charcoal Ribbon, Brooch/Buckle A17
  • Wedding Invitation lc52: Cream Smooth, Antique Ribbon, Brooch/Buckle X
  • Wedding Invitation lc5: Blush Pearl, Cream Smooth, Antique Ribbon
  • Wedding Invitation lc7: Gold Mirror, Cream Smooth
  • Wedding Invitation 2108: White Gold
  • Wedding Invitation 2103: Silver Ore
  • Wedding Invitation 2113: Blush Pearl, Petal Pink Ribbon
  • Wedding Invitation 2105: Ice Pearl, Gold Mirror