Stephita Wedding Invites Toronto, Montreal & New York
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Invitations for Weddings Made in Canada, serving Canada including Toronto, GTA, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary!    Wedding Cards serving the USA including New York, Boston, Los Angeles and more!   WE SHIP INVITATIONS FROM TORONTO, CANADA!


Lowest Price Guarantee

We aim to provide the best custom wedding invitation at an affordable price. We are very confident in the pricing that we give each of our invitations. We proudly show ALL the pricing of each invitation on our website. Most other companies do not even show their pricing, but ask that you contact them for more information.

Don't Be Fooled
Other companies may post that their invitations start at a very low price of $2, but if you look very closely, that might be the price for a very simple design assuming you would need a very large quantity like 500. Also, their add-on and upgrade pricing will increase the overall price significantly, such as the RSVP cards which are typically $1-$2 more depending on the company.

Our prices have been set regardless of how many invitations you require. Our minimum order amount is 30, and the pricing for 30 is the same as if it were for 100, 150 or 200. You can review the options here.

Lowest Price Guarantee
We are very confident that we offer the best possible pricing for all our invitations. If you can show us a competitors overall price is better than ours, we will match it and possibly beat it by an additional 5%.