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Classic Line of Wedding Invitations 2016

Browse the gallery of our Classic line of Wedding Invitations that use pearl papers, satin ribbons, and elegant lace. We have created many unique pocketfold and trifold style of folders that are all custom made in our workshop. You can also choose from our more simple single layer folder backings without pockets. We have created various ribbon patterns from ruched, flat, twisted, bow, loopy bow and many other unique ribbon style patterns. All of our work is handmade to fit the needs of the bride and groom.

Invitation 1501: This trifold pocket invite opens vertically with a pocket at the bottom.  The paper used is white gold pearl and a thick antique ribbon.  The tag backing is buttermilk pearl.
$5.39 CDN | $5.19 USD
Invitation 1502: This is a navy single pocket invite where the navy pearl paper is folded on the right side to create a pocket which holds the invitation wording card.  A thick emerald ribbon and two navy ribbons are wrapped around the pocket flap.
$4.29 CDN | $4.09 USD
Invitation 1503: White Gold, Ivory Pearl, Cream Smooth, Cream Ribbon, Cream - Thin Lace - This invite uses a combination of our thick and thin lace as well as satin ribbon to create a pocket that holds the invitation wording detail.
$4.89 CDN | $4.69 USD
Invitation 1504: This square pocketfold invite has three layers of paper for the cover tag and a thick ribbon pinched behind the tag.  We print on cream paper and the folder is in charcoal pearl.
$4.79 CDN | $4.59 USD
Invitation 1505: This single card invite uses lots of ribbon detail on the side.  We used two 1.5 inch buttermilk ribbon sitting flat on the card and then a ruched antique ribbon in the centre.
$4.49 CDN | $4.29 USD
Invitation 1506: Black Pearl, Cream Smooth, Black Ribbon, Antique Ribbon - This black and ivory invite uses our black pearl paper as the back layer of the card and black and ivory ribbon on the side.
$4.29 CDN | $4.09 USD
Invitation 1507: This square invite opens like a book and has a Champagne printed damask pattern on the cover.  Two antique ribbons are twisted together to create a nice thick ribbon detail.
$4.79 CDN | $4.59 USD
Invitation 1508: Charcoal Pearl, Blush Pearl, Cream Smooth, Deep Blush Ribbon - This three fold invite opens with a pocket at the bottom.  The ribbon is pinched with a large tag in the centre.
$4.59 CDN | $4.39 USD
Invitation 1509: Silver Ore, Dust Blue, Cream Smooth, Silver Ribbon, Icy Blue Ribbon - This invitation card sits vertically inside a pocket created with silver and light blue ribbons.
$4.29 CDN | $4.09 USD
Invitation 1510: Antique Pearl, Cream Smooth, Antique Ribbon, Cream Lace - A lace and satin kris cross ribbon feature is used on this invite.  The invitation wording is attached to the antique pearl backing paper.
$4.59 CDN | $4.39 USD
Invitation 1511: Black Pearl, Black Pearl, Cream Smooth, Deep Charcoal Ribbon - This is a folded booklet style invite with a pinched ribbon and tag on the cover and a large pocket on the inside.
$4.99 CDN | $4.79 USD
Invitation 1512: Antique Pearl, Red Lacquer, Cream Smooth, Sherry Ribbon, Sherry Ribbon, Antique Ribbon - This 5x7 invite uses two thick sherry ribbons and a thick antique ribbon on the left side and a large tag in the centre of the ribbons.
$4.59 CDN | $4.39 USD
Invitation 1513: Silver Ore, Cream Smooth, Petal Pink Ribbon, Coral Ribbon, Coral Ribbon - The wording of this invite is printed on the right side and a combination of thick and thin flat ribbon is placed on the right side.
$4.19 CDN | $3.99 USD
Invitation 1514: The feature of this invite is the beautiful large bow tied to the side.  The invite opens and there is a pocket on the left side, and the invitation wording on the right.
$4.79 CDN | $4.59 USD
Invitation 1515: White Gold, Ivory Pearl, Cream Lace - This layered card has lace detail wrapped around the left side, with the names of the couple on the tag.
$4.69 CDN | $4.49 USD
Invitation 1516: Tiffany Pearl, Cream Smooth, Turquoise Ribbon, Turquoise Ribbon - This invite is layered with two thick ribbons along the side and a tag over the ribbons.
$4.39 CDN | $4.19 USD
Invitation 1517: Navy Pearl, Navy Pearl, Cream Smooth, Azalea Ribbon, Navy Ribbon - This striking navy and magenta invite uses navy pearl as the folder paper and a thick azalea and thiner navy ribbon.
$4.69 CDN | $4.49 USD
Invitation 1518: Black and white invites can look very sharp.  This invite has thick black ribbons on the side contrasted with white paper below and white tag on the black ribbon.
$4.29 CDN | $4.09 USD
Invitation 1519: Silver Ore, Blush Pearl, Cream Smooth, Silver Ribbon - This is a silver pocket folder which opens very wide.  It has a thick pinched ribbon with a large tag on the cover and a pocket on the inside.
$4.69 CDN | $4.49 USD
Invitation 1520: Ivory Pearl, Ivory Pearl, Cream Smooth, Antique Ribbon - This whimsical square invite has a buttermilk swirl pattern on the front cover with an antique ribbon and square tag on top.
$4.99 CDN | $4.79 USD
Invitation 1521: Buttermilk Pearl, Ivory Pearl, Cream Smooth, Cream - Thick Lace - This invite uses our thickest and thinest lace to create a pocket to hold the invitation wording an other insert cards.
$4.79 CDN | $4.59 USD
Invitation 1522: Navy Pearl, Marine Blue, Cream Smooth, Royal Blue Ribbon - This 5x7 pocktfold invite opens to be very long with the invite wording in the middle and pocket at the bottom.
$4.79 CDN | $4.59 USD
Invitation 1523: This vintage styled invite has a white lace around the front of the invite and a large square tag over it.  The invite opens vertically with a pocket inside.
$4.79 CDN | $4.59 USD
Invitation 1524: This stunning azalea and pink invite is very bold with two thick azalea ribbons twisted together and a flat black ribbon below.  The paper is also a combination of azalea and black pearl.
$4.29 CDN | $4.09 USD
Invitation 1525: This soft layered invite uses our 5/8 and 1.5 inch ribbon as a flat band around the invite card.  The ribbon and tag are affixed to the card and do not slide off.
$4.29 CDN | $4.09 USD
Invitation 1526: This invite has multiple layers and a unique pocket.  A lace and ribbon combination is wrapped around  charcoal and blush paper to create a pocket that will hold your invite card and reply card.
$4.69 CDN | $4.49 USD
Invitation 1527: This invite s unique in that it only opens up once as a bifold and the invitation wording is at the top panel.  The cover panel has a very thick lace and a large tag.
$4.99 CDN | $4.79 USD
Invitation 1528: Antique Pearl, Cream Smooth, Petal Pink Ribbon, Petal Pink Ribbon - This folded invite opens like a book and has a damask pattern printed on the font.  The inside has a pocket on the left.
$4.89 CDN | $4.69 USD
Invitation 1529: This layered card uses buttermilk pearl paper and thick ribbons not the side.  The bottom flat ribbon is made of two thick champagne ribbons and then a ivory ribbon is twisted and placed in the centre of the champagne ribbons.
$4.39 CDN | $4.19 USD
Invitation 1530: This invite incorporates a lot of ribbon detail on the card.  There are two thick navy ribbons twisted with one thick blush ribbon weaved in with the navy ribbon.
$4.29 CDN | $4.09 USD
Invitation 1531: Purple Pearl, Cream Smooth, Grape Ribbon, Grape Ribbon - This folded card uses purple pearl paper and grape ribbon.  The front has a leafy graphic printed in a light watermark purple ink.
$5.29 CDN | $5.09 USD
Invitation 1532: Silver Ore, Cream Smooth, Cream - Thick Lace - This layered card uses silver ore pearl paper at the back and prints on cream cardstock.  A thick lace is placed on the left side with a tag on top.
$4.69 CDN | $4.49 USD
Invitation 1533: This pocketfold invite has a shorter front flap compared to our other samples. It uses a very thick silver ribbon then a thin petal pink ribbon on the front flap.
$4.69 CDN | $4.49 USD
Invitation 1534: The back layer and left fold on this card is our charcoal pearl paper.  There are two thick silver ribbons and a canary ribbon weaved through the silver ribbon.
$4.39 CDN | $4.19 USD
Invitation 1535: This trifold invite opens horizontally and has a pocket on the inside,  It use a thick 1.5 inch deep blush ribbon and a thinner 5/8 petal pink ribbon on the cover.
$4.49 CDN | $4.29 USD
Invitation 1536: Ice Pearl, Ice Pearl, White Smooth, White Ribbon, White - Thick Lace - This is a unique vintage styled pocket invite which uses a combination of lace and ribbon to create a pocket that holds the invitation card.
$4.69 CDN | $4.49 USD
Invitation 1537: This layered invitation folds over on the left side creating more of the dark silver color and then we wrap a pastel lilac ribbon color over the folded part.
$4.39 CDN | $4.19 USD
Invitation 1538: This is a vertical pocketfold invite that opens up and down and has a pocket on the inside.  The cover has a thick petal pink ribbon stripe and the tag has ribbons wrapped around two corners.
$4.49 CDN | $4.29 USD
Invitation 1539: This deep red lacy invite has a nice vintage theme with bold colors,  The lace and thick satin ribbon wraps around a deep red paper creating a pocket to hold the invitation wording card.
$4.99 CDN | $4.79 USD
Invitation 1540: Silver Ore, Cream Smooth, Wine Ribbon, Wine Ribbon - This is a layered card that folds over on the left side with burgundy ribbons wrapped around the card and a tag to finish it off
$4.29 CDN | $4.09 USD
Invitation 1541: This 5x7 card folds like a book with a damask printed graphic on the front as well as a thick flat ribbon.  The inside of the card has a pocket and the invitation wording.
$4.99 CDN | $4.79 USD
Invitation 1542: This is a classy vintage themed invite with very thick lace covering the card at the top and at the bottom.  The invitation wording is printed on a cream cardstock and is wrapped with corner ribbons.
$4.99 CDN | $4.79 USD
Invitation 1543: This is a chocolate brown invite that folds like a book and tied closed with a beautiful thick deep blush bow.  There is a pocket on the inside left and the invite wording on the right.
$4.89 CDN | $4.69 USD
Invitation 1544: White Gold, Silver Ore, Cream Smooth, Silver Ribbon, Silver Ribbon, Antique Ribbon, Antique Ribbon - This is a portrait invite that uses four thick ribbons wrapped around a silver backing to create a pocket that holds the invitation wording.
$4.39 CDN | $4.19 USD
Invitation 1545: This invite card has a large cover tag that has three layers, using light blue and silver paper.  The ribbon is also a matching light silver thick ribbon with a turquoise ribbon on top.
$4.89 CDN | $4.69 USD
Invitation 1546: This is a classic vintage white invite.  The paper is a soft antique pearl paper, and it is paired with white lace that has an antique ribbon below the lace.
$4.69 CDN | $4.49 USD
Invitation 1547: Silver Ore, Stone, Cream Smooth, Antique Ribbon - This popular square pocketfold uses silver pearl paper and an antique ribbon pinched in the middle with a square tag.
$4.69 CDN | $4.49 USD
Invitation 1548: Black Pearl, Cream Smooth, Champagne Ribbon, Champagne Ribbon, Black Ribbon - This invite is unique in that all the ribbon detail is at the top of the card, and the invite wording is at the bottom of the card.
$4.39 CDN | $4.19 USD
Invitation 1549: This invite uses a unique paper coloured call cobalt pearl.  It is a blue and purple toned paper with gold metallic finish.  We also used a combination of navy and lilac ribbon tied in a knot on the side.
$4.29 CDN | $4.09 USD
Invitation 1550: Buttermilk Pearl, Buttermilk Pearl, Cream Smooth, Cream Ribbon, Cream Lace - This invite has a unique layout because we have placed the ribbon and lace at the top of the invite card and printed the wording at the bottom.
$4.69 CDN | $4.49 USD
Invitation 1551: This pocket fold invite opens in a classic up and down method with the pocket at the bottom and the invite wording in the middle.  The cover flap has deep blush flat ribbons and a flat thinner petal pink ribbon.
$4.59 CDN | $4.39 USD
Invitation 1552: This is a popular invite design that prints on cream cardstock and backed onto a white gold pearl paper that folds on the left side with a ribbon and tag.
$4.39 CDN | $4.19 USD
Invitation 1553: This folded invite has a very unique cover tag.  The names are printed on a square cream stock, then placed over a navy pearl layer that has a navy ribbon lining the top and bottom.  Lastly, it sits on a mango pearl paper.
$4.79 CDN | $4.59 USD
Invitation 1554: Silver Ore, Cream Smooth, Silver Ribbon, Cream Lace - This invite has the invite wording printed on the right side and the left side has lace and satin ribbon wrapped around the card.
$4.39 CDN | $4.19 USD
Invitation 1556: Our vintaged themed invite is printed on cream cardstock, layered with a buttermilk pearl paper.  A cream lace and a silver ribbon is on the left side of the card.
$4.99 CDN | $4.79 USD