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Pearl Paper Favour Boxes

Browse the gallery of our Favour Boxes for gifts to the guests during the Wedding Reception.

Favour Box Box7: Blue Plasma Pearl, Blue Mist Ribbon - Toblerone shaped box great for edible treats like candies, almonds, chocolates.
$1.39 CDN | $1.19 USD
Favour Box Box8: Raspberry Pearl, Sage Ribbon - This is a dress shaped favour box.  Looks great with the tuxedo style box next to it.
$1.79 CDN | $1.59 USD
Favour Box Box9: Gold Pearl, Sage Ribbon - Square cube favour box shape.  Perfect to fit a many items.  It is 2.25 x 2.25 x 2.25 in size.
$1.39 CDN | $1.19 USD
Favour Box Box11: Tiffany Pearl, Teal Ribbon - Cute little Tim Horton style take out box.  Great for edible favours like cake, chocolates, candies and more!
$1.39 CDN | $1.19 USD
Favour Box Box12: Black Linen, Light Blue Ribbon - This is a pyramid shaped box great for items like candies, chocolate, almonds and more!
$1.69 CDN | $1.49 USD
Favour Box Box13: Gold Pearl, Cream Ribbon - This is a candy wrapper inspired box shape.  Great for small items like candies and chocolates!
$1.39 CDN | $1.19 USD
Favour Box Box14: Blue Aspire Pearl, Brown Ribbon - This is a small box shaped favour box great for holding small items like candies.
$1.39 CDN | $1.19 USD
Favour Box Box15: Lilac Pearl, Honeydew Ribbon - This is a piece of cake shaped favour box.  It's great for holding a little bit more items then the smaller boxes.
$4.99 CDN | $4.79 USD
Favour Box Box16: Black Linen - This is a tuxedo design shaped favour box.  It goes well next to the bride shaped box.
$2.29 CDN | $2.09 USD
Favour Box Box17: Burgundy Linen, Gold Ribbon - This is a baggy style box - so it's a little thinner than the other boxes.
$1.39 CDN | $1.19 USD
Favour Box Box18: Raspberry Pearl, Red Ribbon - The shape of this box is like a gold bar - it can hold cake and other medium sized items.
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Favour Box Box19: Copper Pearl, Brown Ribbon - This is like a Chinese takeout box style box.  Great for holding edible treats.
$4.99 CDN | $4.79 USD
Favour Box Box20: Pink Pearl, Brown Ribbon - This is a larger size rectangle favour box.  So it can hold a lot of sweets and larger cake pieces.
$4.99 CDN | $4.79 USD
Favour Box Box21: Charcoal Pearl, Teal Ribbon - This is an oversized and larger favour box - similar to the Tim Hortons takeout box.
$4.99 CDN | $4.79 USD
Favour Box Box22: Sage Pearl, Sage Ribbon - This is the large size cubed box.  It can hold larger items and more items inside.
$4.99 CDN | $4.79 USD
Favour Box Box23: Blue Aspire Pearl, Light Blue Ribbon - This is the larger sized pyramid shaped box.  Great for holding more items inside to give to your guests.
$4.99 CDN | $4.79 USD