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Your wedding invitations will immediately set the tone for your wedding. The style and design of your wedding invitations are very important if you want to send the right message to your guests. Whether your wedding is formal and traditional or casual and contemporary your wedding invitations let your guests know what to expect from your special day. For this reason, many couples put a lot of time and effort into creating their perfect wedding invitations. For residents of the city of Toronto, invitations can be purchased a number of different ways depending on the style and design of wedding invitation you are trying to achieve. You can create your own do-it-yourself wedding invitations, order template catalogue invitations or design and order custom wedding invitations through a number of different sources.

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Invitations

If you are creative and handy enough to make your wedding invitations there are a number of different sources that can help you create wedding invitations in Toronto. The most popular place to get inspiration for your wedding invitations is your local craft store. They offer a number of different papers and ribbons that can be used to create your own wedding invitations. They may also offer preassembled kits that you can simply print on to create affordable wedding invitations. Alternatively, there are a number of companies that you can order from online that will ship products such as ribbon, paper and pocketfolders to Toronto to help you assemble your own wedding invitations. Brides creating their own wedding invitations will save on budget and create their own unique wedding invitations however, this option tends to be a lot more time consuming as well as stressful than ordering your wedding invitations through a local vendor. Finding supplies through different locations such as ribbon, paper and envelopes to fit the invitations may not be as simple as it sounds. If you believe this is the best option for you, make sure to keep to a simple design for the best results.

Catalogue Wedding Invitations

If you are not creative and handy but still want a budget friendly option for wedding invitations you should consider ordering through a catalogue. For local suppliers in Toronto that carry catalogues it is best to check online directories or chatboards or printed directories. There are quite a few stores in and around Toronto that carry catalogues that brides can browse through to select wedding invitations. These types of invitation styles tend to be more generic and do not offer much flexibility in terms of design as they are created from a template. These wedding invitations have become less popular over time because they are not really customizable and often are only offered in limited colours and papers.

Custom Wedding Invitations

Another source to check out for wedding invitations are local bridal shows. Toronto offers some of the largest and most comprehensive bridal shows in the industry. There are usually a variety of local wedding invitations suppliers at these shows and they tend to create more customized wedding invitations. These companies are usually very flexible in terms of design and style of invitation and often will work with couples one-on-one to create the perfect wedding invitations for their wedding day. This option tends to be the most expensive option but is the least time consuming and least stressful method of purchasing your wedding invitations. With an increase in demand for these types of invitations a number of new companies in Toronto have come into fruition and because of this the prices for custom wedding invitations have become quite reasonable. Often, you will find this option more price competitive than creating your own wedding invitations if you are looking for wedding invitations with a bit more sophistication or embellishment. If you are working with a local wedding planner they may also be able to obtain industry discounts as well.