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The style of print is a major factor to consider when choosing your wedding invitations. Different methods of print will have varying costs but will also have quite an impact on the look and feel of the invitations. Different types of print can convey the degree of formality, the style of the wedding, and even the entire theme of the wedding. There are generally five different types of print used on most wedding invitations.

Thermography Print

Thermograph printing is also known as raised print. When you run your hands over the printing on the invitation, you can feel that the letters are elevated. The printing is run through a thermography machine so the embossing powder is heated and melts to create the raised lettering. For colors not available in the powder form, the ink is first printed using flat print and a layer of gloss is stamped on the lettering so that it dries to form a textured feel to the print. Thermograph print is not an expensive option but can add some texture to the invitation.

Blind Embossing

Embossing is similar to thermograph, except it does not use ink. Instead, a die is created in the imprint of the text, making the text raised, or impressed. It is more expensive than thermography because it is quite costly to create the die. It is usually used for monograms and return addresses on envelopes.


Wedding invitations that use letterpress printing are more expensive than both embossing and thermograph print. The desired text needs to be set and then pressed into the paper, creating the opposite effect of embossing, the words actually sink into the paper. Letterpress is the most expensive option because it requires a very heavy stock paper. Usually, handmade stocks compliment the letterpress style.

Offset Print

Offset printing is also known as flat printing. While the previous methods of print are limited in color, offset printing allows for up to four color process, which means you can print colorful graphics using this method of print. If your wedding invitations have a leaf motif, pair motif, or anything that requires many colors on one image, you can only achieve this through offset printing. In the past, it was considered informal for wedding invitations to be printed using this method of print however, today with the popularity of graphic images, watermarks, and toile patterns and monogram, offset print has surged in popularity as it allows for a fresh new look! This is also the most affordable method of print.