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Your wedding photographer can work with you to create a unique wedding invitation. Incorporating a picture of the bride and groom into their wedding invitations has been a tradition that has been around for quite some time. Nowadays, the wedding photos are being used on the invitations in new and innovative ways to add a touch of personality onto the wedding cards. It is also a very practical way for the bride and groom to introduce themselves to guests who may not be familiar with them.

On first impression, many couples are hesitant to add a picture of themselves onto their invitations. It can be a difficult task to find a picture where both the bride and groom look their best and the picture itself would be suitable for a wedding invitation. It is common practice to have your photographer take engagement photos and those would be great for the invitations. Work with your designer to find the best way to incorporate your photo into the invitations so they will blend in naturally and enhance your custom wedding invitations.

One innovative way to incorporate a couple’s picture is to reverse the colors on the wording on the inside of the invitation. When printing a couple’s picture as a darker sepia tone behind the main layout you can use a “white” font colour for the wording. This produces a remarkably crisp and natural result. This photo invitation design also allows you to use your photograph without having to place your picture right on the cover of the invitation. By adding the photo on the inside of the invitation, your guests will still be able to appreciate the simple elegant, classic outer design of the wedding invitation and find something a little more unique when they open the invitation to read the wording.

Other places to incorporate a photo is on the front tag or cover of the wedding invitation or as a watermark to one side or one corner of the wedding invitation. The goal we see from invitation designers is to not overwhelm the design with the photo of the happy couple but rather to design a layout with ribbon, ink color, and paper together that will compliment the look of the couple’s photo. By fading the couple’s image to the background slightly, it will more evenly present the paper and ribbon designs of their custom wedding invitation without having the photograph stand out. If this is successfully achieved, the couple’s photograph can add an element of personalization, creatively, and uniqueness to the wedding invitation.

One way to include the photo is to have it the left half of the invitation while fading slightly into the right half which has the wording printed on it. For a more unique look try incorporating three smaller photos lined up horizontally or vertically, with a custom designed monogram printed underneath or beside the photos. For this type of layout it is best to choose three photos that depict different situations. For example, have one photo of the couple laughing, one photo of the couple kissing and one photo in a more classic pose, simply smiling into the camera. Another option is to print the bride and groom’s picture on white cardstock in black and white and print the invitation wording on rice paper in black ink and attach the two pieces together with the cardstock behind and rice paper in front.