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Designing your wedding invitations can be a very stressful process but if you do your research ahead of time you can make it a much easier task. You can find a lot of useful information online related to wedding invitations that can help ease the wedding planning process. Here is an outline of some of the general facts regarding wedding invitations that will help you choose and create your perfect wedding invitations.

Types of Wedding Invitations Available

There are a number of wedding invitation styles available on the market. The most common types of invitations are usually ordered through catalogues. These are usually the most affordable type of wedding invitations but they are limited in style and customization options. These are usually simple in design as they are made using a template and offer only a few print options.

Alternatively, you can also find a lot of affordable and convenient options available to order online. These invitations are also usually simple in design and offer limited options in terms of personalizing the actual invitations. Some online companies may offer more customization options but you may be required to assemble some parts of the invitations yourself. Be careful to order samples to check the quality of the paper and print of the invitations before placing an order as factory produced invitations tend to have a lower level of quality.

Purchasing wedding invitations through a wedding invitation company that produces their own products allows you to fully personalize your invitations. With the growing popularity of custom pocketfold wedding invitations there has been an increasing demand for handmade wedding invitations. There is usually a large price range for this option depending on the actual style, design and materials you are interested in using. If you are holding a more formal event it is a good idea to go this route. Although, it is the more costly option guests will often base their dress and gifts or compensation for the bride and groom based on the formality of the invitation they receive and the venue where the reception is taking place. As well, if you are in need of wedding accessories such as menus, programs, place cards, thank you cards etc. these can usually be supplied through the same company so that they will all be made to match the invitations.

Number of Invitations Required

If you don’t have an exact count of guests, the rule of thumb is to order half the number of invitations as you have guests. This is because most guests will be couples or families. To be safe order an extra 10 to 20 invitations on top of that number so that you can account for singles and have some keepsakes for yourself, family and friends.

When to Send your Wedding Invitations

You would usually send out your invitations about 2 months before the wedding for a wedding taking place locally. For destination weddings we would suggest sending out the wedding invitations about 3 to 4 months ahead of time depending on the actual location. For those who would have to travel far it would be wise to send out the invitations at least 6 months before the wedding and for some locations it may take up to one year to obtain a visa if one is required.

What you will Need

Other than the actual wedding invitation you will need a response card, and an envelope for the response card as well as an envelope for the entire package. Some wedding invitation companies will print the return address on both sets of envelopes and others will charge extra for this service.

Some brides may choose to print the reception information on a separate card. This is especially useful if you will not be inviting all your guests to the reception. Others may want to include a map, directions insert or accommodations insert if you have out of town guests coming for the wedding. Check with your venue before ordering a map you’re your wedding invitation company as some venues will provide you with a map free of charge. Other additional inserts may be required for cultural events such as a tea ceremony or mendhi party.

If you have an invitation with embellishments added to the front of the invitation such as rhinestones, ribbon and brooches you may want to consider ordering double envelopes or lined envelopes to protect the invitation during the mailing process as well.