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One of the great milestones in life is your wedding anniversary. Celebrating a wedding is beautiful because it is two people promising to love each other and build a new live with each other. Celebrating a wedding anniversary is telling your friends and family that you have dedicated your lives to each other through the years, and what they witnessed on your wedding day has evolved into a solid family in which much time and care has been placed.

The 25th Wedding Anniversary is also known as the Silver Anniversary. Traditionally, the colours that are used for a 25th Wedding Anniversary Invitation is silver and black, however, colours such as blues and reds have also become quite popular for this particular milestone.

The 40th Wedding Anniversary is also a much celebrated event! The colour associated with a 40th Wedding Anniversary invitation is ruby red.

The 50th Wedding Anniversary is also known as the Golden Anniversary. The typical colours that are used in a 50th Wedding anniversary invitation are gold and black, and these colours have not changed through the years. There is something to be said for a couple who has been married for 50 years, and gold is the only colour worthy of representing this accomplishment!

Wedding Anniversary Invitation Wording

Wedding anniversary invitation wording is similar to wedding invitation wording. The exception is that the event is usually hosted by the children or even grandchildren of the couple, so their names are usually printed on the invitation as well. A nice phrase that can be printed at the top of a wedding anniversary invitation is, “together we have found a friendship, raised a family, and built a beautiful marriage.”

Below are some Wedding Anniversary Wording Samples…

Because you play a special part in our lives,
Michael & Elizabeth Brown
invite you
to celebrate (# of years) years of
sharing, caring and loving each other
Dinner will be served with dancing to follow
on Saturday, September ninth, two Thousand and eleven
at six o'clock in the evening
Stephita Banquet Hall
66 Holly Drive
Toronto, Ontario

Because you have shared in their lives
by your friendship and love
we invite you to join
in the celebration of the
25 year wedding anniversary
of our parents
Sharon and David
on Friday, the eleventh of August
Two thousand and eleven
at seven o'clock in the evening
Stephita Banquet Hall
66 Holly Drive
Toronto, Ontario

Evonne, Alex and Tyson Wong

Please join our family
on this joyous occasion
when our parents
Toy and Kenneth Leung
celebrate 50 years of marriage
at a dinner in their honor
on June sixteenth
Two thousand and eleven
at six o'clock in the evening
Stephita Banquet Hall
66 Holly Drive
Toronto, Ontario

Derrick, Desmond and Stephanie Leung