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Save the Date Wedding Invitations are cards that are mailed approximately six months to one year before the wedding date. It tells your guests that you are planning a wedding so that they can arrange their schedules accordingly. There are various ways to design save the date Invitations. They can be classic, fun and creative or funky and unique. Use some of the following ideas to create save the dates that suit you and your fiancé best, while creating them to match your wedding theme!

Photo Save the Date Invitations

Printing a photo of the bride and groom on the save the date is a great way to personalize the invitation card. Many guests may not be personally acquainted with the bride and groom, so putting a face to a name helps the guests feel that they know you. It may even persuade some guest to attend the wedding! Try printing small cropped pictures of the bride and groom in different poses to show a little of their personality and character.

Magnet Save the Dates

Save the Date magnet invitations that can be attached to the fridge are very popular and functional. They will be a constant reminder to your guests that your wedding date is coming up, and keeps your guests looking forward to your big day! If you print a regular save the date card on cardstock, you can easily purchase small magnets at your local craft store and attach on the back of the card using some adhesive.

Postcard Save the Dates

Postcard save the date invitations are original and creative. Be sure to print on a glossy paper in laser ink so that the printing does not smudge if the weather forecast calls for rain on the day the postcard is delivered. The glossy paper should be a thick stock so that it will not be damaged in the mail. Simply print a rectangular card with your save the date information on one side and print your guest name and address on the backside with a place for the stamp in the corner. You can even leave a space to write a short message to your guests.

Themed Save the Date

If you already know the theme of your wedding, you can incorporate this into your save the date invitations. For example, if you are having a pear theme, you can print a graphic of two pears at the top of your save the date card with the phrase, “the perfect pair” underneath. If your wedding is taking place in a particular time of the year you can customize the save the date invitations according to the season your wedding date falls into. If you have a fall theme, you can print some leaves as a watermark behind the text of the save the date card. If your wedding will be in the winter time you can print snowflakes on the save the date card. You can then carry these graphics through to your wedding invitations to create them to match.

Calendar Save the Date Cards

It is a fun and functional idea to print a mini calendar as your save the date card. You can circle the date that your wedding is taking place on. You should print the month of your wedding in a bold ink color and print a circle around your wedding date! This gives your guests a visual reminder of your wedding date. This way they can arrange for hotel accommodations early, or take time off work ahead of time.

CD Save the Dates

If all your friends are computer savvy, you can make a CD as your save the date invitation. You can include your wedding website with all kinds of photographs of you and your fiancé on the website. As well you can include information about your gift registry as that is usually not included with the actual invitations according to traditional etiquette.

This method allows you to give your guests as much information as necessary while saving paper. It is a great idea for brides trying to help the environment. Include a blog of how the groom proposed, and stories of how you met or things you did together so that your wedding guests can enjoy your courtship. This allows the guests to feel more connected to the bride and groom.

Save the Date Fortune Cookie

If you are ready to splurge a little, and be completely unique, you can print the save the date in a fortune cookie. The fortune cookie will need to be packaged carefully in a boxed and mailed to your guests. The packaging and mailing costs may be high, but your guests will get quite a surprise when they receive your save the date card! Not all companies offer this type of product so book these save the dates ahead of time if you are interested in the idea.