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Handmade wedding invitations have become a widely popular style of wedding invitation card. They were quite common back when wedding invitations were not being produced mainly by machines in large quantities, and the uniqueness of each product highly unique. In the present day there has been a resurgence of demand for custom and handmade wedding invitations because of the variety of designs these methods of production offer. Handmade wedding invitation cards are all individually crafted and most often made with care and detailed delicately. With the growth in demand for these types of wedding invitations there has also been a great increase in the number companies offering these types of options so brides are able to purchase them at a reasonable price.

The advantage for the bride is that she is able to choose a custom wedding invitation that represents her, her fiancée and their wedding day. Each detail of the wedding invitation is made to order, so the bride can choose her own ribbons and papers and other custom materials and incorporate them into her own invitations making it one of a kind Handmade wedding invitations offer many different style options. A company that creates handmade wedding invitations can work with you to create modern wedding invitations, traditional wedding invitations, or do-it-yourself wedding invitation kits because they are more flexible.

Modern Wedding Invitations

Handmade wedding invitations can have a very modern and professional look to them if the appropriate papers and materials are used. The key is to keep the design simple but use quality materials in a variety of textures. Pearlized and metallic cardstocks can be used to create contemporary wedding invitation styles without sacrificing on the overall quality of the wedding invitations themselves. Printing geometric shapes or patterns on the wedding invitation also gives the wedding invitation a modern impression. Remember to keep the fonts simple, light and clean to achieve a more modern feel. Block fonts such as Eras Light, Myriad Pro Light, Arial, High Tower Text, and Bell MT will help you achieve the style you are looking for!

Traditional Wedding Invitations

Many modern styled handmade wedding invitations will have one simple added element of design to add some colour or lines. Traditional wedding invitations are usually more elaborate and have added details such as bows, monograms or other printed designs. Today, there is a bridge between modern and traditional wedding invitations. With the creation of pocketfold wedding invitations, a bride can have her wedding invitations designed with traditional elements on an actual modern pocketfold. Handmade wedding invitation companies that carry pocketfold wedding invitations are also able to customize the style of the pocket folders, and color of the pocket fold for you. For example, the pocket that holds the response card and additional inserts can vary in style and shape, so be sure to ask your wedding invitation stationery company if they can switch the type of pocket for you if you so desired!

Do It Yourself Wedding invitations

Do it yourself wedding invitations naturally tend to fall under the category of handmade wedding invitations. These types of invitations are in demand because it helps the bride to save on the wedding budget. There are stationary companies that sell blank pocketfolders and cardstocks, and you can simply print the wedding invitation wording and glue or attach it to the inside of the pocketfold. This is the preferred option because buying your own paper and folding it yourself may be more costly and time consuming in the long run and the result may look unprofessional! As well, you have the freedom to add extra materials on the invitation according to your own design, at very little cost. You can simply tie a bow around the wedding invitation or get creative and add rhinestones, layers of rice papers, handmade papers or other elements that would help you create a unique wedding invitation.