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The fairy tale wedding, also known as "Happily Ever After" or "Dreams Do Come True," wedding is a theme that is used by a lot of brides. Whether you are getting married in a castle like setting or your dress is made to fit a princess, a fairy tale wedding theme can be grand and extravagant based on just a few decisions made by the bride and groom.

Walking down the aisle to a fairy tale wedding theme means this bride is most likely dressed in a voluminous ballgown and tiara. Even when the gown is a more simple style, fairytale brides usually go for a more substantial veil, floor-length or longer. Other elements to consider are gloves for your bridemaids and pins or antique brooches to incorporated in their hair. For the groomsmen, top hats and coat tails are an elegant and royal touch.

For the invitations, choose an elegant, timeless font and style. You can never go wrong with beautiful ribbon to wrap up a custom pocketfold invitation design, with a rhinestone added for some extra sparkle. Consider using a faint graphic or watermark of a castle on the invitation wording or add a small picture of a crown or carriage at the top of the wording with a rhinestone for some added sparkle. These elements can also be used on your menus, table numbers and programs as an accent to carry the theme all the way through the wedding day. Consider a scroll style program rolled up and secured with ribbon, printed on rice paper like a proclamation. Print a small crown or tiara on the top of each guest’s place card.

A fairytale wedding is the perfect place for a grand centerpiece. A great idea is to have a breakaway centerpiece where all the favour boxes are stacked on a tray or stand in the middle of the table and at the end of the night each guest will take one. Surround the base of this stack of boxes with flowers and candles. Choose a slightly larger gift for your guests so the boxes may be piled hight on the table and make sure to customize the packaging so that they are impressed by this grand gesture. Consider the packaging that you use as part of the presentation. Choose boxes made of custom colours and materials such as a thicker gold pearl cardstock wrapped with an ivory colour ribbon. Stack ten of these boxes in the middle of the table, on a stand, with a favor tag attached that thanks the evenings guests for their presence. The aim is have it look like an overflowing pile of gifts for your royal guests to enjoy.

Other items to consider including at a more extravagant reception, silver candelabras with flowers all around the room, ice sculptures, a harpist or string quartet and rhinestone accents or brooches as bouquet ornaments. Fortunately, an elegantly styles ballroom will do some of the decorating work for you. Look for a venue that has regal curtains, dramatic molding and sparkly chandeliers.

Flowers for a fairy tale wedding should consist of classical choices like roses, peonies and stephanotis. Plenty of flowers should be placed around the room. Consider having your florist create a few large grand arrangements with hardy flowers that will last throughout the day. These arrangements can be used at both your ceremony and reception but don't overlook the important of candles to help create the right atmosphere. Larger simple candles work best in groupings on silver trays. For your wedding cake there are a number of companies that actually create castle style cakes or carriage style cakes however, you can expect to pay quite a bit more for this type of cake design. Consider instead a more simple cream or white cake with silver beaded accents and swirls.

Whatever décor and elements you choose for your fairy tale wedding make sure to keep your budget in mind. It is easy to get caught up in the details and loose sight of the dollars when planning a fairy tale wedding. If you are careful in organizing and planning the days events and details your wedding day can truly be your dream come true.