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Planning a wedding can be a very stressful because a lot of money is being spent, and trying to stick to your budget is not always easy. When a couple is searching for wedding invitations, the bride may be more concerned with the style of the wedding invitations while the groom may be weary of the pricing. Like many things, a mutual compromise must be made but that does not necessarily mean having to compromise on the design of the wedding invitations. There are a lot of cheap wedding invitations with a more generic look that are made with a lesser quality of paper stock that couples can choose from or they have the option of using a little creativity to save on the wedding budget and still purchase the invitations of their dream.

Ways to save on your Wedding Invitation Budget

No R.S.V.P. Card or Substituting the R.S.V.P. Card

A wedding invitation will typically have a response card and envelope that your guests use to reply to you, to let you know whether they are attending your wedding. The need for a response card can be eliminated by adding a line of text on the main wedding invitation wording card to ask your guests to respond by email or through a phone call. This will not only eliminate the cost of the response card and envelope, but will also eliminate the need for a postage stamp that is normally included on the response envelope. Some couples turn the response card into a postcard so that they can save on the cost of the response envelopes.

Another option to save on budget is to ask your invitation company to substitute the response card as a thank you card. Instead of printing the response information on the card they can simply print “Thank you” at the top and the bride and groom’s name at the bottom leaving a space in between for them to write a message of thanks to their guests. If the couple has already purchased thank you cards or they are being supplied by the photographer the response can also be substituted as a gift tag that can be used for the wedding favours.

Bulk Discount

Before you order your wedding invitations, try to have a good estimate of the quantity of wedding invitations you will need. Remember to order about ten to fifteen extra invitations to account for last minute guests that are added on the list. If you have a relatively large wedding, and need a lot of wedding invitations, many companies will provide a discount.

Order all your Wedding Stationery from one Company

Placing a large order usually gives you better negotiating power because it is similar to buying in bulk. Have in mind the items that you will need for the wedding such as menu cards, place cards, ceremony programs, sign in books and thank you cards and receive an overall quote from your invitation supplier for all the items. If you are purchasing a number of items you should be able purchase these items at a discount. If you were planning to purchase these items from separate companies you will most likely spend more on each item.


Many companies may have promotions at local bridal shows or run their own promotions at certain times of the year. Be sure to check if you are entitled to any of these discounts. There may also be seasonal discount for couples ordering their invitations during the off season. This is usually the last three to four months of the year, for wedding invitations companies as invitations are usually sent early on in the year. It is a good idea to do your research early on to try and catch these types of promotions.

Book Appointments with Friends who are also Getting Married

If you have a friend or friends who are getting married, schedule your consultations together so you are able to negotiate a discount based on both your orders put together! Be sure to let your company know while you are scheduling the appointment, that there will be two brides visiting so they will be prepared ahead of time!

Recommend Friends who are also Getting Married

If you have friends that are getting married but may not be ready for a consultation you can let the company know that you will be sending your friends their way when negotiating your pricing. Some companies will promise a discount that can be redeemed at the time your friend does visit their studio.

Bring a Wedding Planner or Event Planner

If you have a friend that is a wedding planner or event planner, have them attend your consultation. Often, companies will offer planners a discount on their packages for referring clients.