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Creating a theme for a bridal shower can help liven the event and add a little fun to the day. Themes can be anything from a colour to an exotic location, the location of the actual shower or simply an object that can be associated with your particular bride.

A popular bridal shower theme is the “Bathrobe and slippers” theme. The guests get together and shower the bride with gifts meant to help her relax and unwind before the big day. Send out invitations for the shower with a picture of a bathrobe and slippers to set the tone. The invitation should instruct the guests to bring items suited to the purpose, such as bath products, gift certificates to a spa or salon, and yoga lessons.

Themes can also be practical. For instance, a honeymoon shower can be planned with the honeymoon destination in mind. Gifts can include helpful items like maps, travel books, or luggage. Food, decorations, guest favors and music can also be used to incorporate the theme of a honeymoon destination.

For a tea party theme, serve tea along with finger foods such as scones, finger sandwiches, petite fours, to your guests. Incorporate pictures of teapots into the shower invitations and give away tea packed in vellum pouches to each guest as a gift to take home.

For an ethnic theme use the bride's heritage to plan a shower with her favorite ethnic foods! For example, serve fresh fruit, poi poi and tropical drinks at a Hawaiian themed wedding shower. Give each guest a lei to hang around their necks and plan games using hula skirts and other items associated with a Hawaiian theme. To complete the Hawaiian island feel have coconuts placed in baskets with flowers around the room.

For a winter bridal shower you can use Christmas Ornaments as a theme. Guests can be instructed to bring a ornament for the couple's first Christmas tree. Serve apple cider and egg nog and find a warm location with a roaring fire to shower the bride and groom. Place vases filled with pinecones and candles around the room to add a warm glow and play some Christmas music in the background to help celebrate the season.

For a garden party theme, the shower can be held in a garden setting and each table can be decorated with a pot of fresh growing herbs. Hang a few lanterns off the tree branches and give away packets of seeds as shower favours to accentuate the garden theme. Have each guest bring some of their favourite gardening tools for the bride to use at her new home.

For a favorite memories theme, have each guest brings a gift that represents a favorite past time spent with the bride. Have pictures of the bride and her friends and family posted around the room so each guest can reminisce about the times they have shared with the bride-to-be. For each favor tie a printed picture of each guest from their childhood onto a box with the bride's favourite sweets inside.

For a pajama theme, have guests arrive dressed in their PJ's. Keep it simple and fill the evening with manicures, pedicures, facials and massages, comfort food and lots of girl talk! As a perfect gift at the end of the night giveaway a bottle of your bride-to-be's favourite nail polish!

For a cooking or baking theme have each guest write their favorite recipe on a recipe card and bring the card along with all non-perishable ingredients for the recipe in a box or gift basket. The invitations can be printed with pictures of cupcakes and other baked goods or a spatula and spoon. Place baskets with baked goods and flowers around the room to double as decorations and as finger foods that guests can pick up and eat while mingling and plan games around the bride-to-be’s favourite desserts and dishes.