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With ever expanding social media, DIY wedding projects and in particular, DIY wedding invitations have become quite popular amongst brides. However, there are some drawbacks to creating your own DIY wedding invitations that may help you to reconsider if you really want to make your own wedding invitations. In the end, making your own DIY invitations will be very time consuming, it may not be much cheaper than purchasing fully assembled wedding invites, and the final completed product may lack professionalism.

The phrase “time is money” stands true in our fast passed environment. Before having your heart set on making your own wedding invitations, first consider how much spare time you have on a daily basis.
Keep in mind that you will be planning many other aspects or your up and coming wedding. With all the wedding planning that you will need to do, including going to appointments for DJs, photographers, decor, arranging for the purchase and packaging of favors, going to food tastings with the hall, there will be little time left for you to sit down and physically make your wedding invitations. Making DIY invitations usually involves researching and purchasing different materials from different places, and this will further consume more time. Purchasing wedding invitations from an invitation company will save you the leg work and stress of having to find different suppliers to build your own invitation. During one invitation consultation, you can choose a custom wedding invitation, fonts and wording. You will not need to think about the invitations until you pick up the completed product. This will free up your time to focus on other areas of the wedding which may require your attention.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many costs associated with making your own invitations. In many cases even if you have someone like a graphic designer to help you with the layout of the wording and design, purchasing wedding materials one at a time and additional printing costs tend to add up. Making your own DIY wedding invitations may end up costing you more than if you were to purchase invites from a wedding invitation company. Since you are only buying a small amount of material to make your invitations, you will be paying retail prices whereas invitation companies buy in bulk so they will be able to source the same materials at a much lower cost. Many times, materials are sold in large packages and you may be forced to purchase more than you need.

Lastly, you may not have the same craft expertise and experience as those assembling wedding invitations at a wedding invitation company. The final product may have more of the home made look that will convey to your guests that you did not spend much on your wedding invitations. Because your guests will only have your invitations as an indication of the look and feel of your upcoming wedding it is important that the invitations act as a symbol of your wedding. When you are making your own invitations, there is pressure to make them unique or similar to a sample shown on social media. It is usually quite difficult to turn that vision into reality. You may not have access to the same materials and the end product may not look as professional as it does in a photo!

DIY invitations may well suit some brides, but before you make it your mission to create your own DIY invitation wedding project, be sure to take into consideration the fact that making your own wedding invitations is very time consuming, it may not be much cheaper than purchasing invites, and the final completed product may lack professionalism. It may be wiser to look to the experts when creating and sending out your wedding invitations.