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Most engaged couples plan for a summer or fall wedding but why not consider getting married in winter? With a bit of creativity you can create some memorable moments for family and friends. You can also easily find a lot of wedding stationery, favors and wedding décor items that will suit the winter theme.

Creating an atmosphere that appeals to the senses is important when trying to pulling off a romantic winter wedding. Choose cool icy colours such as silvers, blues and whites when creating your stationery. A rhinestone on your wedding cards can be a nice touch for a little sparkle. Have your invitation company print place cards, programs and other stationery items with a snowflake on them.

Make sure there are lots of candles around the room as they add warmth and ambiance to your ceremony and reception site. Frosted Christmas ornaments and pine cones in vases can be placed around the reception area and can even be used as centerpieces on each guest table. Snowflake ornaments may be placed around the room or hung from the ceiling. Since many locations will already be lavishly decorated for the Christmas season, you can really minimize the amount spent on décor during the winter season.

For floral arrangements, use flowers that are easily available during the winter seasons. A simple centerpiece composed of white lilies in a frosted glass vase would work beautifully. Try to keep the colour scheme simple. For example, when incorporating items on the table consider products such as small silver picture frames that can be used as placecards. These types of items can add to the elegant ambience of the room and fit in well with the colour scheme. Another option is to give away glass icicle ornaments as favours for your guests.

For added creativity at your winter wedding have a few clear jars labeled with different candies and sweets inside such as silver and white mints or sweets, small white candy canes, and blue m&m’s. Have a scoop inside each container and small clear bags nearby so guests can help themselves to some sweets during the night.

When choosing your menu look for comfort foods that will keep your guests warm and remind them of the holiday season. A gourmet twist on the some of the traditional Christmas classic dishes can be very inviting. Arrange with your caterer to include some of your holiday favourites as well.