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Winter Wedding Invitations

Winter weddings have become increasingly popular in the last few years. They can be very romantic if the right environment is created for this festive time of year! When deciding on what type of winter wedding invitations you would like, there are a few things to consider.

Discount Wedding Invitations

What is your budget? Some brides try to spend a minimal amount on their wedding invitations, so they search high and low online for discount wedding invitations. However, it is important to keep in mind that your wedding invitations are the first impression you will make on your guests! Your guests actually don’t hear from you again regarding the wedding until the very day of your wedding. The only hint they have for what is to come are your wedding invitations. If your wedding invitations look formal and elegant, they will know that the wedding will be formal and therefore dress accordingly, and give an appropriate gift. If your wedding invitations look like cheap wedding invitations, your guests will think that you did not spend on a lot on the wedding reception and food, and therefore, it may reflect in their gift! They may also think it is not a formal event, and may attend dressed more casually. A winter themed invitation can still be created if your wedding invitation budget is small. Create a single panel card on pearlized silver cardstock and print a snowflake on it or print a snowflake watermark on white cardstock in silver ink, and print your wedding information on top in black ink. A layered card is also economical and simple especially if you are able to create do it yourself wedding invitations. You can print on a white cardstock, and add a separate coloured layer behind it creating a more contemporary wedding invitation. Try matching the cardstock used for the border in your wedding theme color. Some colours that are suitable for winter weddings are: silver, blue, blue-gray, white, red, and black, gold and ivory.

Modern Wedding Invitations

Winter wedding invitations can have a very modern design. For a bold look you can have a chic black and white theme. Try printing your unique wedding invitations on an icy white pearl paper, with black lettering. Usually, a more modern wedding invitation would be simple in design but may have a ribbon stripe design or incorporate some sort of geometric design. If you are creative you can add a pocket on the back of the card to hold additional inserts. The pocketfolder is a new and modern style that keeps everything together in a neat and organized fashion.

Custom Wedding Invitations

Winter wedding invitations can be very easily customized and will definitely give a look of a unique wedding invitation because not many people get married in the winter! For something different try incorporating a black and white photo of the bride and groom playing in the snow. Print your monogram on the front cover or on the inside of your invitation. Add a snowflake to the monogram and add a rhinestone gem to the center of the snowflake to give your wedding invitation some added dimension and sparkle! Some winter weddings are in the Christmas season, if this is the case, you can use festive colors such as red, greens or gold, or if your winter wedding is on Valentine’s Day, you can use red, burgundy and pinks in your wedding invitation, and include a heart motif printed on the front or inside of your wedding invitation.

Handmade Wedding Invitations

If you are crafty enough, you can create your own invitations by hand! However, if you are busy, do not take this task on – it will definitely only increase your stress! The alternative is to hire an invitation company that specializes in hand making all their products. Try giving your wedding invitations something different by purchasing a snowflake hole puncher and gluing little snowflakes to your invitation, or simply throw in a few hole punched snowflakes into the card and envelope as confetti. These hole punched snowflakes can be punched out of rice paper or metallic rice paper for more pizzazz.