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When to Send out Bridal Shower Invitations

Usually you would send out wedding shower invitations about 4 weeks beforehand. You could ask for reply about two weeks beforehand if needed. This provides plenty of time for guests to reserve the date of the event without being too far in advance.

What to Send and Include

The obvious things are the date, time, and location of the shower and the name of the host. If you are having a special theme shower, do not forget to include special instructions so the guests can bring any required items to the shower. Many guests appreciate if the store names at which the bride and groom are registered is also included on the invitation. Lastly, be sure to enclose directions to the shower and a phone number to call in case people get lost. Often we would recommend written directions or including a map with the invitations.

Who is Invited

The person/people hosting the shower should do the inviting with the bride's assistance. A good place to start is the bride and groom's wedding invitation list. If at all possible, do not invite anyone to the shower that will not also be invited to the wedding. Traditionally, you are supposed to invite only people who personally know the bride. However, it is not uncommon for the mother and close family or friends of the fiancé to be invited so they can get to know the bride better and be included in festivities

Who should Host the Shower

Usually the maid of honour would host the shower. Today, a bridal shower is sometimes hosted by very close friends to the. The mother of the bride should never host the shower, but she can help with the arrangements or by preparing food, if the shower is hosted at someone's home.

Who should Receive an Invitation

In general, the rule is one invitation per person. So if you are inviting roommates or people living at the same address, then each should receive their own invitation. If men are invited then one invitation would be send per couple.

Thank you Cards

Thank you cards should be written, by the bride, as soon after the shower as possible, and most certainly before the wedding. Be sure to write the thank you note on cards with your maiden name on it. Make sure to have a friend by your side to keep track of gifts given by guests while opening the presents so they may be properly thanked.