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Finding a wedding planner to help with coordinating every detail of your wedding is a good option for brides that do not want or do not have the time to plan their own weddings. Wedding planning involves research on the wedding venue, a wedding photographer, DJ, a wedding invitation vendor, a florist, bridesmaid’s dresses etc. For a bride, the perfect wedding day includes the finest food, entertainment, wedding décor and flowers. A wedding planner will provide a way for brides to avoid or reduce some of stress of wedding planning while getting them started on the right path. Wedding planners will work with you to achieve the best results within the budget you have in mind.

Professional wedding planners have a network of vendors they work with on an ongoing basis and generally may receive some discounts that they are able to pass on to their clients. In this way, you can save on your wedding budget but more importantly, having a wedding planner will help you the most if you are not as familiar with the wedding industry. The value a wedding planner can add in choosing a reliable location, florist, wedding invitation company or any other service you require is critical. Having a wedding planner who has knowledge of the best and most trustworthy local resources will ensure that your money is well spent and at times when critical decisions need to be made they can offer you good advice. This can be helpful considering your wedding day is one of the most expensive days of your lives.

Professional wedding planners can plan about thirty weddings each year, from engagement to the day of the special event. They usually have a good idea of how things will turn out and having used a number of different wedding resources beforehand will also have a good idea of the capabilities of the vendors you have decided to go ahead with. Most wedding planners will offer separate packaged services. Often, you can save on budget by doing the planning yourself and hiring a professional wedding planner just to help you on the big day. Their job is to ensure all the plans you have put in place run smoothly and that any small details you may have left off the list is taken care of. This can help in creating a stress free wedding day.

A good idea when choosing your wedding planner is to call several of the planner’s past clients to get a general review on their services and flexibility in terms of working with the needs of the bride and groom. Planners who do a large array of weddings (i.e. 60+ weddings each year) may tend to plan weddings in the same manner and using the same vendors. Make sure the planner you choose will pay attention to your individual needs and help you design your own custom style for your wedding. Your wedding planner should take into consideration both your budget and you and your fiance’s personalities when coming up with a plan. If you already have something in mind, a wedding planner can help with suggestions and recommendations on how to achieve your dream wedding.


1) Have they taken a wedding coordinator /consultant course?
2) Are they organized and detail oriented?
3) Are you comfortable with the wedding planner? You will be spending a lot of time with them, talking to them and making decisions with them.
4) Are they knowlegable? Do they have various information on different resources? Are they familiar with these resources, having used them before?
5) Do they have references?
6) How long have they been in business?
7) Are they within your budget?
8) Do they have another job or do they coordinate full time? It's not necessary for your coordinator to only work at planning weddings but it is better because they will have to contact your vendors during business hours.