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There are many advantages to getting married away from home, the first and most obvious one is that you can control the climate, and get married at any time of the year if you go to the right destination! It can be more cost effective because you are already at your honeymoon destination, and you usually have fewer guests. You can choose more elaborate invitations or a simple invitation depending on the location of your wedding. Here are some tips and ideas to follow when choosing wedding invitations for a wedding held out of town.

Your Wedding your Invitations and your Wedding Destination

There are different ways you can create your wedding invitations to match the theme of your destination wedding. You can incorporate different graphics that reflect where your wedding will take place. For example, if you are getting married in a tropical place, you can incorporate a palm tree image on your wedding invitation, either on the front of a folded wedding invitation card, or on the inside where the wedding invitation wording is printed. If you are getting married in Europe or another country, you can print something that is representative of that particular country. If it is Paris, France, you can print a graphic of the Eiffel tower, if Italy, a photo of the Coliseum or the Vatican. If you are getting married in Vegas, a picture of a pair of dice, or a sign that says welcome to Vegas on the cover of your invitations!

What you need with your Wedding Invitations

Sending out Save-the-Date cards, is essential for a wedding held abroad. This will allow for guests to plan ahead, take time off work and save money for the trip.

If you are getting married abroad you will also need to provide your wedding guests with an extra printed insert with travel information for the wedding. This insert can be customized uniquely to suit the location of your destination wedding. Usually you would provide the phone number of your travel agent, flight and accommodation rates and in some cases a map or photo of certain areas to explore while they are abroad. If you have a website with information for your guests, be sure to include the web address on the information card as well. On the website, you can provide your guests with additional information about the location of your wedding, so your guests will know of any special events and tourist attractions happening around the time of the wedding.

If you are planning a wedding abroad because your fiancé and you do not live in the same place this may mean that many of your guests may be living where the wedding will be held. In this case, it is a good idea to purchase your wedding invitations online and have them sent to your parents or in-laws so they can mail them out for you and you can save on postage. Often, you can also save on taxes by ordering your wedding invitations online. Find out the turnaround time for companies you are interested in as you usually need to send out invitations for weddings held abroad quite early.

Things to Remember when Planning a Wedding Abroad and purchasing your Wedding Invitations

Book Early

Be sure to book your venue early as resorts tend to book up quickly, and you need to give your guests more notice than a local wedding. Many times, the resort or hotel can hold a group rate for a certain amount of time, so you want to ensure your guests have enough time to consider if they will be able to make the trip and still receive the discounted rate. Be sure to send out your wedding invitations about three months ahead of time and in some case it may be necessary to send it even earlier if a visa is required to travel to your wedding.

Legal Documents for your Destination Wedding

Check with both your country and your wedding destination country to see what legal documents you require to get married. Certain countries may require you to stay in the country for a set number of days before you can legally get married there. Check whether your documents will need to be translated into the countries own spoken language, as some countries require this. If you have a wedding planner, they can usually tell you what you will need, or you can call the local embassy to find out what legal documents are required. Once you have found out all the required documents needed, be sure to keep them all in one envelope or folder so that you can have easily access them when needed prior to your wedding day!

Purchasing a Wedding Dress

Before you purchase your wedding dress consider the climate of the wedding location. If it is a tropical country, you should choose a lighter dress made with natura more breathablel fabrics such as georgette or chiffon. Carry the dress with you on the plane rather than checking it in. Even if the airline loses your luggage, you will have your dress for the wedding! It also helps to minimize any creasing to the dress.

Wedding Website

A personal wedding website is the perfect way to provide your guests with all the information they will need about your wedding abroad. It is courtesy to provide as much information as possible for your guests so that it is as effortless as possible for your guests. Guests are likely to stay for a week or so after your wedding, so it is also recommended to provide some ideas as to what kind of activities they can do after the wedding. This can all be described in your wedding website. You can have links to several different organized activities as well as direction to those activities so that it makes the research for your guests much easier.