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Your wedding reception dinner will not be complete without menus on the tables. For custom wedding menus your wedding invitation company can design menus matching your unique wedding invitations. Menus are a nice added touch to the evening as it gives guests who aren’t acquainted with each other a subject for conversation and of course, all guests will want to know what they are eating!

There are different styles of menus that you can purchase, depending on your wedding budget. Menus can be placed at the wedding reception table one per person, one per couple, or one or two per table. Menus designed for each guest can be placed on the plate of each guest. For added elegance fold the napkins around the menus and place on each plate. These types of menus are typically printed with a smaller width and longer length. The quickest and easiest design would be to print on a single piece of card stock. If you are a little crafty, you can layer then using the coloured cardstock to match the paper used on your wedding invitations. For more dimension, you can also add a bow or rhinestone on the menu. Be sure to leave space for these items when setting up the items for print.

If your menu is printed on a single piece of card stock, you can use the same font colour and style as your wedding invitations. Menu scrolls have also become a very popular option. These can be printed to serve a dual purpose by printing the menu at the top, and the place seating information at the bottom. The menu portion can be rolled up, and tied with a ribbon creating a scroll, leaving only the place seating information visible. They are usually placed on the plate of each guest. When guests untie the bow and roll open the paper to see the menu they will get a nice surprise.

Some menus are designed for one or two per table. It is suggested to place two per table so that one can be placed on either side of the centerpiece and guests do not have to pass the menu all the way around the table. These are typically in a tent style so that they can stand alone. Single card menus are not suggested this purpose unless you are able to purchase a clip to hold the menu in an upright position. A tent style menu can be layered using the same paper stock used on your wedding invitations, and again, a bow or rhinestone can be a nice added touch to incorporate the colours of your wedding.

The height of your menu should depend on the amount of food you are serving as well as the size of your centerpiece. If you have a larger centerpiece, your menu should made in a taller size, so that it is not lost on the table. If you have a smaller centerpiece, the menu should be shorter in size, so that it does not compete with your centerpiece. When creating a tent style menu, you can print one side with your menu and the other side can have a thank you message from the bride and groom, or a table number. Most reception halls provide preprinted table numbers, however, they can be very generic in style. Printing your own table numbers or having them custom printed by your wedding invitations company will give your table numbers a more unique and custom look.

When typing out your menu, be sure to check all the spelling of each word, as many dishes may be difficult to spell, and spelling errors can be easily overlooked! If you have a simple menu and want to make the card appear fuller add headings to each dish such as Appetizers, Main Entrees and Desserts. This will give your guests something to look forward to. Adding a monogram and the wedding date at the bottom of the menu can fill additional space while further customizing your menu!