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Many businesses rely on the internet to market and sell their products. In the same respect, many brides are choosing to purchase their wedding invitations online. Online shopping carts, online order forms, and live chats make ordering your wedding invitations online simple and easy. Many invitation companies have a comprehensive website showing all of their products and offer customer service in the form of email and phone. The advantages of ordering your wedding invitations online include receiving free wedding invitation samples, achieving minimum price points, with ease and convenience.

Sample Wedding Invitations

The first advantage to ordering your wedding invitations online is that many companies will offer to send complimentary samples to you. Since you are not visiting their studio, the only way for you to know the quality of the product is to see a physical sample. The photo may look very attractive on the website, but it is important to know the weight and texture of the paper used as well as the quality of the workmanship. In addition, colours may not be accurate on the website as each monitor screen is adjusted differently. The computer is not an accurate representation of the true paper or ribbon colour so it is important to request samples before you place an order. This will ensure that you are happy with the invitation design as well as the colour combination.

Discount Wedding Invitations

Companies that offer to sell their invitations online often have a better price point. Certain overhead costs such as consultation fees and studio or store space rental will be reduced or eliminated. Therefore, online invitation companies should offer a highly competitive price. This fact should not be assumed. Be sure to do your research and compare different wedding invitation companies to ensure that they are not overpaying for your wedding invitations. Inquire about any additional costs ahead of time such as extra proofing costs or costs for making changes to proofs. Many companies will price their invitations, reply cards, envelopes and any other parts of the overall invitation package separately and some will price it all together. It is best to add together all the components of your wedding package and then compare the prices of different wedding invitation companies. Some companies will include printing of addresses or return addresses or other bonus inserts such as directions cards and others will not.


The last advantage of ordering your wedding invitations online is the convenience of the overall proces. Wedding planning can be a full time job! If you can save some time and do your research and purchase your wedding invitations online, it can free up a lot of travel and consultation time so that you can work on other wedding plans! Most online wedding invitation companies will ship the order directly to your door, so the entire order process can be done at the comfort and convenience of your own home!

Many brides feel confident in purchasing their wedding invitations online. The advantage of receiving samples, taking advantage of a lower price point, and saving on time and additional hassles is attractive and convincing. However, brides should still be cautious and research and compare several companies before making a final decision!