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Deciding on a wedding invitation design is fun and exciting. Wedding invitations are the first impression your guests will have of your wedding day and it sets the tone of your wedding. When choosing your invitations, there are certain materials and styles that you can choose from. With the growth in popularity of vintage wedding invitation designs three materials in particular have been sought after, lace ribbon, and brooches. You can choose from one or all of these materials to help enhance your wedding invitations.

Lace is good option to add texture and timeless elegance to your wedding invitation. Lace wedding invitations have been popular because of the resurgence of lace wedding gowns. There are different sizes of lace that can be used and it can be used in various different ways. Thick lace can be wrapped around the cover of a wedding invitation or a thinner piece of lace can be placed flat across the wedding invitation card in between some of the wedding invitation wording. Lace placed next to ribbon is a very beautiful combination as well! Lace is quite versatile in design. Wedding invitations with lace can be used to create a vintage, classic or rustic wedding invitation.

The use of ribbon is also widely found in many invitation designs. Satin ribbon can be added to create a more elegant wedding invitation. For some ribbon wedding invitations, ribbons can be wrapped around the four corners of the wedding invitation wording card for a more classic look. It can also be placed flat across the wedding invitation sample wording card to separate a monogram and the start of the wedding invitation text. Ribbon is also usually found paired with brooches or other wedding invitation embellishments.

Brooches have been a very popular item to add on wedding invitations. They add a lot of glimmer and sparkle and help to create a very elegant wedding invitation. Brooch wedding invitations may not actually cost as much as one might assume. Before you decide on whether or not you would like brooches on your invitations, you can find out the price of the invitations and you may be surprised that they look a lot more expensive than they actually cost! Sending the invitations with brooches would also be something to consider. Wedding invitations with brooches will likely be extra postage, but keep in mind that most quality wedding invitations would be extra postage because the weight of cardstock paper along with inserts such as reply cards and accommodation and envelopes.

Lace, ribbon and brooches are all lovely materials that you can consider adding to your wedding invitations. Whether you are trying to create a vintage wedding invitation, a classic style of wedding invitation, contemporary wedding invitations or a more rustic wedding invitation these three options can be used to enhance the theme and look of your wedding invitation design.