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Once you are engaged, one of the first things you should consider is your wedding colors. Your wedding colors will dictate the entire atmosphere and feel for your wedding day. Therefore, careful consideration should be made before you commit to your wedding colors! There are some general guidelines that will help you narrow down your selection of colors to use for your wedding. Some main factors that may influence your choice are, the season of your wedding, the bridesmaid’s dresses, the level of formality of your wedding, or your ethnic or cultural background. Once you have decided on one wedding color, you can pick a second one (usually a complimentary colour) to use while you are planning the wedding. If the original colour you chose is difficult to find and use, you can incorporate more of the second colour in your plans.

Formal Weddings

If your wedding is very formal, grand and classic some of the colour combinations that would reflect this are: gold and ivory, black and white, or silver and cream. Alternatively, the use of dark colors can often convey a more unique but formal setting. Gold and ivory is the most classic and timeless color combination for a wedding. You can never go wrong with this color combination! For this colour scheme bridesmaids can choose champagne coloured dresses, with ivory shawls, and their bouquets can be created in any accent color. Many wedding invitations companies offer shimmery gold pearl papers that can be used with ivory ribbon!

A black and white theme, can be very chic and smart. Adorn your groomsmen in classic coattail tuxesdos and dress your bridesmaids in a bold black dress! On your wedding invitations, be sure to include “black tie” to indicate to the guests that it is a formal event! Create your wedding invitations in an elegant black cardstock with a beautiful white satin ribbon.

Fall Weddings

With fall weddings, you have a variety of choices for colours. They are usually quite rich and vibrant. Fall colors allow you to be make bolder choices and use multiple colors to reflect the season. If your wedding is held in the fall some colors to consider are: gold, copper, burnt orange, sage, brown, wine, eggplant, burgundy and red. You can match any of these colours with neutral colours, or use them in combination with each other. Try incorporating a fall motif on your stationery such as a pine cone, acorn or leaf motif. This motif can also be carried through to your other stationary at your wedding reception and ceremony for your menus, ceremony programs, place seating cards, and table numbers and later for your thank you cards.

Spring/Summer Weddings

Fresh and bright colours will be appropriate for a spring and summer wedding! Pastel colours or brighter colours will both work. If you have chosen a brighter colour as part of your colour scheme you may consider using a neutral tone for your invitations and using this brighter colour on the accent pieces such the ink colour and ribbon colour. While the colour yellow or orange might look amazing on your bridesmaids, it may not have the same affect on paper! You can also include spring graphics such as butterflies or flowers as a motif on your custom wedding invitations.

Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are becoming more and more popular! Wedding colors generally used for a winter wedding are: blue, white silver, navy, tiffany, aqua, brown, or black. If the wedding is near Christmas, you may choose to incorporate colors such as red, gold, wine, or sherry but avoid creating the cards in green and red colours as it will tend to look more like a holiday card . Falling snowflake motifs are an elegant touch to the wedding wedding invitations as a watermark, or on the front of the wedding invitation with your names. A small rhinestone attached in the middle of a snowflake adds a delicate touch and just a bit of sparkle to reflect the season!