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For most brides presentation and packaging for their special wedding day is everything. With brides becoming craftier and getting more creative with their wedding reception ideas, new types of centerpieces are being used. The increasing popularity of “breakaway centerpieces” proof that new centerpiece ideas are replacing the typical flowers arrangements used for traditional centerpieces.

A breakaway centerpiece uses different elements that come apart. Each of the pieces can be given to the guests as their favor to take home. Breakaway centerpieces are usually composed of a set of custom favor boxes that contain gifts for your guests that are placed on a stand and put in the middle of each wedding reception tables. Often you can incorporate your table number or even menu into the breakaway centerpiece as well.

Centerpieces are a major part of the table decoration and overall theme of the reception, along with the flowers, linen and settings on the tables. The wedding favor is the bride & groom’s way of saying thank you to each of your guests attending the wedding. Presentation of this gift along with the gift itself should be representative of the bride and groom’s gratitude for their guests. Adding an element of personalization, creativity and thoughtfulness goes a long way. Choose a box that is elegant but simple and combines the colours or themes used on your wedding day. For example a stack of pretty pink boxes with brown satin knots and small tag with the bride and grooms monogram printed on it with the words “thank you,” can be visually stimulating and very attractive.

With the new trend of combining a couple’s wedding favor as their centerpiece accomplishes two key goals.

1) You will save about 50% of the budget for your centerpieces and your wedding favors by combining them into one budget.
2) You have an opportunity to personalize and spend a little more money on each of your guests with the wedding favor or on other wedding accessories because you were able to save some wedding dollars by using this type of centerpiece

Personalizing your wedding favors is a gesture of thoughtfulness and thanks to your wedding guests. Tying a hanging tag to a wedding favor with your monogram, or an image with your theme helps with personalizing the gift to your guests. Personalizing the favor box you use by matching the favor boxes’ colors with your wedding colors and adding a personalized verse or thank you message on each of your favor tags can let your guests know how important it was that they shared in your special day.

As most wedding budgets are often over spent, the idea of breakaway centerpieces has flourished. This type of centerpiece allows brides to meet their budgets by getting creative without sacrificing on presentation.