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Along with the wedding venue decorations, wedding flowers, and centerpieces, wedding cakes are the crown jewel for your overall wedding décor. The goal is to find a cake that looks fabulous, fits in with the style of your wedding and tastes delicious! There are a lot of custom cakes available on the market today but many of them will come with a heavy pricetag. Make sure to research a couple of companies and go in for complimentary tastings to ensure you are happy with the taste and look of the cake. You can often choose from different colours of icing and sugar designs.


One of the easiest ways to reduce your costs is to make your own custom wedding cake. If you do not possess the training or expertise to attempt to bake an extravagant wedding cake, search your list of contacts to find a friend or relative to make it for you as a wedding gift. There are actually a lot of detailed recipes available online that provide detailed step-by-step instructions to help you bake a cake to feed one to two hundred guests.

As for the materials, you simply need some cake tins, some materials from custom or specialized wedding cake retailers, which can be found easily in most major cities or can be ordered online. The cake will be that more special and will cost you a mere fraction of the cost of buying a professionally created wedding cake.

If the idea of baking a cake for your wedding is not an option, a happy compromise to still reduce costs while creating something on your own, is to make your own base and then hire a professional to decorate.

The hardest part of making your own wedding cake is to perfect the consistency, look and design of the icing. Icing a wedding cake is quite a specialized skill. If you are looking for something very professional but want to save on budget, you can hire a professional just to decorate and add icing to your specifications. You can also speak with your florist to ask them to create a small flower arrangement for the top of your wedding cake to add some texture and three-dimensional quality to your icing designs. There are also a number of sugar flowers and bows available to order from cake supply companies online that you can order in and work with if you have a little bit of experience. These flowers can usually be created ahead of time and last for quite a while when stored at the correct temperature


There are a number of places to purchase your wedding cake locally and it is definitely a growing industry. Here are some things to keep in mind while shopping around

1. Check on the turnaround time required to order the wedding cake.

Some cake companies may need to know quite a few weeks or even months in advance the type of cake you require, the size of the cake and other specifications and high demand custom cake companies may limit the number of cakes they are willing to bake.

2. Get a written estimate of cake cost and details of design for the wedding cake.

For some cake companies there are a lot of additional costs that can be added for certainly colours and designs. Make sure to discuss with your baker how much it will will cost for every decoration and added feature on the cake.

3. Let your wedding cake company know about the special details of your wedding.

If you have plans of having your wedding by the beach or in an outdoor setting, it would be better to inform your baker about this. Icings are vulnerable to environmental hazards and the baker may want to take extra precautions when transporting or storing the cake.

4. Choose the right wedding cake company.

The best way to do this is to ask friends and family for referrals. Trying a new company that you have never heard of may be risky. The availability of cake decorators might be restricted. It is a good idea to look around ahead of time and have in mind what you would like in terms of design so that you can provide a detailed description of exactly what you want your cake to be. You may need to pay a deposit fee for reservation. Some companies offer policies regarding cake replacements. Ask your company what would happen if anything were to happen to the cake during the delivery or even afterwards.

5. Make sure the cake fits in your budget.

Cost primarily depends on the cake design you want. There are a number of places that offer cakes that are predesigned and others that will work with you to design your own cake. However, you can expect to pay a lot more for the latter. Know what your budget is ahead of time. Some shops deliver the cake to your hall free of charge. However, don’t forget the most important factor.

Putting together a perfect setting for your wedding day is difficult. If you get creative and put in some of your own effort and time on your center pieces, wedding favors and your wedding cake, you can add a personal touch to your wedding day while saving money. If you are purchasing a cake there a lot of important factors to consider. Go over all your options carefully and avoid making any spur of the moment decisions.