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Wedding invitations are the first impression that your guests will have of your wedding day, so how can you make a lasting impression with your guests? Considering the fact that most of your guests have likely received many wedding invitations in the past, you would want to make your wedding invitations more memorable so your guests will get excited about your wedding! You may want to send out unique wedding invitations so that when your guests open your invitation, they will say “wow, this is one wedding I would not want to miss!” There are a few ways that your wedding invitations can be different from standard wedding invitations. Your invitations could be handmade, they could have your custom monogram printed on it, and it could include combinations of different materials.

Handmade wedding invitations are meticulously hand crafted to reflect the bride and the groom’s wedding theme. Instead of sending mass produced cookie cutter invitations, consider sending out handmade wedding invitations. They do not need to be made by you. There are many wedding invitation companies that specialize in handmade wedding invitations. You can work with the company to design your custom wedding invitation and they will hand assemble the invitations with love, care and professionalism. You can your own handmade wedding invitation to reflect your wedding theme. The easiest way to do this is to have the paper and the ribbon colors match your theme. When your guests open your wedding invitation card, they will have a sneak peak of what to expect during your wedding day.

When designing your own handmade wedding invitations, you should also ask your wedding invitation company to create a custom monogram for you. This can be printed on your unique wedding invitations and be carried through to the rest of your wedding day on accessories such as place seating cards, menu cards, and ceremony programs. A monogram consists of the initials of the bride and groom. There are different styles of monograms. A three letter monogram consists of the first letter of the bride’s name, the first letter of the groom’s last name, and the first letter of the groom’s first name. A two letter monogram consists of the first letter of the brides name and the first letter of the groom’s name. The positioning and fonts of these letters will also reflect the theme of your wedding. A monogram consisting of a very fancy font with the letters intertwined and positioned at slightly different levels can be used for a more traditional and elegant wedding theme. Slim simple capital letters positioned straight across from each other can be printed on your wedding invitations to reflect a more modern wedding theme. The use of a printed monogram can help create your unique wedding invitations.

Lastly, using combinations of different materials can also play a large part in creating your unique wedding invitations. Printing on regular paper, or even on a metallic paper, will look generic, but if you include material such as ribbons, lace or brooches to your wedding invitations, it will add much detail to your wedding invitations. There are a variety of combinations that you can use. If you like something more simple, you can use different ribbon colors in different sizes to dress up your invitations. If you have a vintage wedding theme or you have lace on your wedding dress, you can incorporate lace and ribbon to your invitations. If you love glimmer and glitz and your wedding will have a lot of crystals and sparkle, you can add brooches to your wedding invitations. Any of these additions will add extra detail to your unique wedding invitations!

Your wedding invitations will set the tone of your wedding, so if you would like your invitations to be memorable to your guests, you want to send out unique wedding invitations. If your invitations are handmade, it will be unique and set them apart from other invitations your guests will receive. Printing your custom monogram on your invitations as well as adding combinations of different materials will also make your invitations unique!