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Here are some tips to consider when choosing and creating your unique wedding invitations.

1) Your invitations will set the tone of your wedding. Pick an invitation style that will help guide your guests in knowing how to dress for your wedding. For a more traditional wedding consider a traditional classic look with a more neutral colour palette of gold, platinum or ecru colours. For a more unique touch try pairing a couple of brighter colours or using invitations with unique materials such as Japanese papers which convey a more casual but creative feeling. Keep in mind the type of atmosphere you would like to create at your wedding reception. Remember, even the typestyle that you choose can influence the overall feeling of the event created by the invitations.

2) Use the colours you would like to have for your wedding as a tool to start you off in choosing the correct papers, ribbons and ink colours. You may want to match the invitations as closely as possible to your bridesmaids’ dresses or wedding flowers. If you can’t find the exact paper colours that you are looking for then we would suggest using a neutral colour tone for the papers and trying to use your colours as an accent in the ribbon or ink colours of the invitations.

3) Take note of all the pieces or inserts that you will be needing with your invitations. Typically custom invitation sets include the invitation, reply card, and an envelope for each. Some brides find it useful to have an additional directions card or map or a separate reception card. For destination weddings, a hotel insert card or accommodations insert may also be included.

4) Try to determine the number of guests that you will be inviting and that will help you decide on the number of invitations you will want to order. Usually we would suggest ordering half of the total number of guests plus about 10-15 extra invitations. (Usually because you would only require one invitation per couple or per family). Also, remember to ask your invitation company if they provide extra envelopes for you when handwriting the guest addresses.

5) Having you wedding information together is a good idea but totally necessary when deciding on the style of invitation. The dates, times and locations will come in handy when putting together the wording for the invitations.

6) What is the general budget that you have set for the invitations. It is reasonable to put aside about 4-5% of your wedding budget towards the invitations and stationery. If your budgets allows try to purchase matching menus, programs and other stationery items for your wedding ceremony and reception as these smaller items may cost only a few hundreds dollars, a small portion of your budget but will tend to make a large impression on your guests.