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The first official document to represent a couple getting married is their wedding invitation. It can convey a lot of information about the couples style and personality and act as a representation of their actual wedding day. The wedding invitations are typically mailed out about six to eight weeks before the wedding unless you have a lot of guests coming from out of town. In this case it may be a good idea to mail the invitations about three to four months before the wedding day. This will give your guests ample time to plan for your wedding. It is a good idea to book your wedding invitations ahead of time if you are going with a local vendor as invitation companies in Toronto tend to get really busy right at the beginning of the year!

Types of Toronto Wedding Invitations

There are a number of different types of invitations available on the market in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Many of these companies offer thermography and flat print methods. Other more specialized companies may also offer calligraphy or letterpress wedding invitations. By deciding on the method of print you would like to use for your invitations you can narrow down the selection of wedding invitation companies you would like to consider. As well, you may consider the style of invitation you are interested in creating. Many companies offer a variety of catalogue invitations and other companies may offer more custom invitations that can be designed around a certain colour scheme or theme. Many companies use fonts, graphics, papers, ribbons and other embellishments to help couples create more personalized wedding invitations.

Finding the Right Wedding Invitation Company

There are certain points to keep in mind when choosing the right vendor to create your unique wedding invitations. Look for a company that has experience creating wedding invitations. This company should be able to show you a comprehensive portfolio of invitations they have created for previous clients and provide you with wedding invitation etiquette tips when you are working on the text for your invites. Many Toronto wedding invitation companies will provide you with samples of their work to take home to show your friends and loved ones. If you are interested in wedding invitations with a bit more detail make sure to choose a company that creates their entire product in house so it can be produced on time and in the case where there is any errors, they can be corrected quickly.

It also would be advantageous to work with a local company that shows that it deals with a good volume of customers. Make sure you still receive the personal service of a one-on-one consultation but the company should be large enough to keep supplies and stock on hand and pass on any price advantages they are able to acquire through volume discounts. If you require addtional items such as menus, place cards, ceremony programs, etc. it is a good idea to ask about package discounts as well. Often, slightly larger companies will also have more flexible store hours and a larger variety of customization options available.

Keep in mind some wedding invitations companies may charge consultation fees or design fees and others may charge for proofs or additional proof changes during the production process. Different companies will also offer different pricing structures. Some may include all the necessary items for your wedding invitation package in one price while other wedding invitation companies may price each item seperately. When comparing pricing make sure to add up the items you require and compare the totals.