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Planning a wedding is a very large task and the first item the guests receive from you are the wedding invitations. It is important to set the tone for the big day by choosing the right style of invitation for your wedding. It is the first impression your guests have of your wedding day, so it may influence the way they dress and the type of gift you receive. The wedding invitation you mail out should make a statement and reflect the type of wedding you are hosting. It should represent the bride and groom and the formality and feeling of the actual day. If you have put a lot of time and effort in planning your wedding day around a certain style or theme make sure that your wedding invitations are designed to match. Here are some suggestions for creating more unique and contemporary style invitations

Typestyle and Layout

To create wedding invitations that have a more creative and modern feel, choose a font style that is not commonly used on wedding invitations. Using a more detailed script font with swirls and loops will give the invitations a more traditional look. For a more modern look try using simpler handwritten fonts or block fonts that are available online. Having a simpler font does not necessarily mean sacrificing on style. Some of the newer handwritten fonts look elegant and cool when used in a monogram or watermark style design. These types of fonts also usually allow the bride and groom to include a bit more text on the invitations so they can add a unique touch by printing a phrase or quote at the top of their invitation layout. These fonts also tend to be more legible so you are not limited in the placement and use of the font.

The key to creating a more modern and unique invitation is to include elements that are unusual and unexpected so that your wedding guests are pleasantly surprised. For a bolder look try presenting all the text on your wedding invitations in lower case including the bride and groom's names. Use a simple block font printed in a bold color for added effect. If you are going for a very contemporary look you can exclude all punctuation from the layout as well and space the wording evenly so it is centered on the invitation card. Doing this tends to create a focal point for the invitations so that your guests eyes will be drawn to the bold design of the card.

For something different, you can also do the opposite and print the wording in all upper case text. In this case, it is a good idea to mix different font styles on the wedding invitation. You can choose a more detailed font for the names, something that will differentiate the body text from the bride and groom's names. Try printing in various ink colors as well. Bold contrasting colors used on the same layout will draw attention to the invitation wording.

Alignment of the Text

The placement of the wedding invitation text will also make an impact on the look of the wedding invitations. Traditionally, the invitation wording is centered down the middle of the page. For a more contemporary look try print the text so that it is aligned on the left or right side of the invitation. For added details, add a watermark swirl design or graphic on the opposite side. Don’t be afraid to leave space on the invitations in between. Contemporary designers today are moving away from symmetry and creating what is called negative space. Having less detail can sometimes be more attention grabbing than having an overabundance of detail. Try printing your invitation wording in the bottom right corner of your wedding invitation while printing a small detail or graphic on the top left corner for a very modern feel.

Recently, designers have also started designing invitations with printed graphics that run right to the edge of the page so that part of the graphic is cut off. This can be done by printing your invitation on the center of the page covering more area than the actual invitation size and then cutting around all four sides of the invitation. For a more contemporary wedding invitation try printing large geometric shapes or patterns in bold colors, that will be cut off the edge of the invitation.