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Thank you cards are often forgotten during the wedding planning process because they don’t go out until after the actual wedding day. The general etiquette is to mail your thank you cards within six months after your wedding date. For this reason, brides tend to delay on sending the thank you notes to their guests.

There are advantages to ordering your thank you cards with your wedding invitations. You can usually ask for discount wedding invitations discounts on the overall package if you are purchasing all your wedding stationary at the some company at the same time. Ordering your thank you cards separately from your wedding invitations could turn out to be more costly in the long run!

Thank you cards are traditionally purchased with your photographer, however, the photographer usually offers generic white or cream coloured cards, so many brides are now turning to their wedding stationary company to purchase custom thank you cards. Your thank you cards may carry the same colour scheme as your wedding by using the same paper stock colours and ribbon colours as your wedding invitations. Your wedding photo can be inserted into the thank you card, or printed directly onto the thank you card. A simple way to incorporate the photo into the thank you card is by adding a panel with ribbon corners attached so you can simply slip the picture under the ribbon to hold it in place. Inquire with your wedding invitation provider to see if they offer this upgrade. If you are printing your wedding photo on the card you can often just provide the ! If you are inserting the photo into the thank you card, be sure to tell your wedding invitation company the size of your photo, so that they can create the corner ribbon slots in the correct size.

For an elegant touch create custom thank you cards with your names or monogram printed on the front. If you are getting married at a particular time of year you can include a watermark graphic behind your names such as a watermark of a maple leaf for fall weddings or a watermark of a snowflake for winter weddings. If you have a tropical destination wedding a printed watermark of the palm tree between your names is a beautiful addition to your wedding thank you cards.

Some couples give the thank you cards out right at the wedding reception. This can help save on postage costs. However, the etiquettes will not entertain this idea because traditionally the thank you message written in the card should be unique to each guest, drawing reference to the gift that was purchased for them.

It is also common etiquette to give everyone who helped out with your wedding and the bridal party a thank you card and a small gift. Many brides send thank you cards to their vendors and officiants as well, to show their appreciation! Make sure to include a few extra thank you cards for those participants.