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Sign-in books can be one of the most difficult things to find at an economical price. It is a very important part of the bridal stationary collection because mostguests will expect to sign-in when entering your reception. A lot of the sign-in albums that are typically available are leather bound, so they can be expensive. Check with your stationary company to see if they can make something simple for you inexpensively. The advantage of having your unique wedding invitations company create your sign-in book is that they have the ability to customize parts of it for you. Inquire whether they are able to create a sign-in book using the same paper and ribbon as the wedding invitations. For added elegance add your names with a motif or swirl at the top of each page, and your monogram as a watermark behind the printed lines. If there is a special verse that is special to you and your fiancé, this verse can be printed at the bottom of each page.

On the wedding day, be sure to assign two people to sit at the sign in table at both the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. They will be responsible for collecting the gift, and making sure each guest signs in the sign in book. It is usually a good idea to number each guest’s signature and their assign the same number to their gifts, in case they forget to sign their names on their card or if the card is separated from the gift. It is also a nice touch to add a note next to the sign-in book to ask guests to include their best wishes for the bride and groom with their signature. When the bride looks back at the sign in book, she can read what they have written to her on your wedding day!

To modernize the sign-in procedure some brides choose to use single note cards instead. One idea is to have sign in note cards printed with the bride and grooms name at the top and blank space underneath for the guests to write a message for them. A bowl is placed next to the cards so that guests can put their written cards inside. At the end of the night the sign-in cards are collected together and placed in a nice box or album for the bride and groom to take home. Again, having an attendant number the cards to correspond with the each guest’s gift is a good idea.

Be sure to ask your wedding photographer to take close up photos of every item you have purchased or made so that you can include them in your scrapbook as a keepsake!