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Destination wedding invitations are becoming extremely popular. They give couples the chance to have a relaxing get away in the sun or at enjoy a fun or exotic location for their wedding and return home to celebrate with all their family and friends. In this situation, you would require two sets of wedding invitations: destination wedding invitations, and wedding reception invitations.

The destination wedding invitations would be mailed to the guests who are invited to your wedding overseas or out of town. Usually, closer family and friends are invited, as these are the individuals who would be required to spend more money to fly overseas or out of town to be present for your wedding day. Some people will choose to create do-it-yourself wedding invitations rather than traditional wedding invitations. This option is becoming more popular as more companies are offering do-it-yourself wedding invitation kits and paper options so that they can easily put together. It will be up to the individual bride whether to make her own wedding invitations, or purchase wedding invitations.

For the reception that is held in town upon your return, the wedding invitations can be mailed to all family and friends. Because this is more of a celebratory party after the wedding some brides choose to look for more affordable wedding invitations. However, it is always nice to have customized wedding invitations that reflect the theme of your wedding. For example, you can add small details to customize your invitations. For example you can include a palm tree graphic, or sea shell graphic to inexpensive wedding invitations to let your guests know you got married at a sunny destination or on the beach.

The wording for wedding reception invitations would not be the same as your standard in town wedding, as the invite would begin with the announcement your marriage and then invite your guests to your reception. For a nice added touch you can add a romantic phrases such as, “ ...and in the end they got married in the sunshine, and they celebrated in the snow!

The following are some suggested wordings for wedding reception invitations for destination weddings:

On DATE in Jamaica
they will make a promise for life
join with us to celebrate
their return as husband & wife

You are invited to
a reception honouring

Bride's Name
Groom's Name

at Name of Hall

Love makes life a paradise...
Julie Horne
Matthew Montana
joined hearts and were married
in Waikiki, Hawaii
Join them for a wedding reception