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Usually when opening a traditional wedding invitation card all the inserts such as the response card and directions card fall out. Inserts easily get misplaced when they are loose in the wedding invitation envelope. Pocketfold wedding invitations are designed so that all your wedding invitation inserts are tucked away neatly into a “pocket” inside of the wedding invitation.

Types of Pocketfold Wedding Invitation

There are different types of pocketfold wedding invitations. Some pocket fold wedding invitation designs have one pocket and others may have multiple pockets. Many can be made to open vertically or horizontally and some custom wedding invitation companies will offer pocketfolders with various types of pocket styles and shapes. As well, many pocketfolders are offered in various colours and some can allow custom printing on them of your monogram or your names. Look for a company that is flexible and creates their own products or pocketfolds, so that you can customize your wedding invitations to suit your needs. If your wedding is local you will need a response card, response envelope and map for your guests. All of these items can be included in the pocket of the invitations. If you are having a lot of guests come from overseas or if your wedding is a destination wedding, then you will also need hotel accommodations information or travel information card.

Portable Pockets

A portable pocket is a single pocket that is created so that you can print and insert your main invitation text into the pocket along with all the other inserts you require. This is a more simple design and doesn’t fold or open. The advantage of this style of invitation is lighter in weight and may require less postage.

Bi-Fold Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

A Bi-fold pocketfold wedding invitation has one fold that opens to two panels. It can open horizontally or vertically. The pocket will be on the left panel, and the main wedding invitation wording can be printed on the right panel. If the wedding invitation style opens vertically, the wedding invitation wording can be printed on the top panel, and the pocket can be on the bottom panel. Bi-fold Pocketfold Wedding Invitations may be a little less expensive but may be more difficult to find as they are not as readily available on the market.

Tri-fold Pocketfold Wedding Invitation

A trifold pocketfold wedding invitation has two folds and reveals three panels when opened. The center panel is where the main wedding invitation wording text can be printed. If the wedding invitation style opens vertically, the bottom panel would have a pocket to hold the inserts, and the top panel is usually blank. If the wedding invitation style opens horizontally, the center panel would be the area where the main wedding invitation wording text is printed, and there can be different options for the left and right panel, depending on your needs. This is where you can customize and create your own unique wedding invitations if your wedding invitation company is flexible and willing to work with you to design your own custom pocketfolders. If you have a lot of inserts, you can have pockets on both the left and right side. You can insert the response card and envelope in one pocket, and the directions and reception card can be inserted into the second pocket. Some brides prefer to have one pocket for the response card and glue the directions card on the second panel instead. If you require bilingual wedding invitations, trifold pocket wedding invitations are perfect because there is usually an extra panel for you to glue a second language.