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Pocket wedding invitations have become wildly popular over the last few years because they are unique, practical and easily customizable. The appeal of pocket wedding invitations has increased over time because they offer options for engaged couples to include numerous inserts into a single package. More recently they have also become more affordable
as they are being carried by a number of vendors in most areas. However, choosing the right style of pocketfold wedding invitation can be overwhelming as the custom options are limitless.

Pocket wedding invitations can be created in a variety of different configurations depending on the direction you would like the invitation to open and number of folds and pockets you would like to incorporated into your pocketfold wedding invitation. Couples have the choice to spruce up their pocket wedding invitations by adding personal touches such as layers of ribbon and other three dimensional embellishments as well as custom printing.

Pocket Wedding Invitation Configuration Options

When selecting the correct configuration for your pocket wedding invitations first consider the number of inserts you would like to include in your wedding invitation package. Most couples will need to include a response card and response card envelope as well as directions card with their wedding invitations. Other additional optional inserts include a reception card, an accomodations card for out of town guests or other miscellaneous inserts required for cultural or religious reasons such as a tea ceremony card or entourage information card. Once you have determined the number of inserts you require you can decide whether you would like to have one or more pockets on your invitation. If you like the look of one pocket and you do not have too many inserts then you can make each insert slightly larger than the one before so that you can stack them in the pocket.

A bifold wedding invitation consists of one fold in the center and has only one pocket. A trifold invitation will have two folds and can open vertically or horizontally. With a trifold invitation it is possible to have two pockets to hold additional inserts. For a more simple look you can also choose a single panel pocket style of invitation where there are no folds and the invitation folder is a single pocket holding all the inserts.

Customizing your Pocket Wedding Invitations

The options for personalizing your pocketfold wedding invitations are literally endless. Of course, the most obvious way to customize your invitations is to choose the colour and texture of the paper you would like to use to create the invitations. There are a number of beautiful cardstocks available on the market that can be used to create the folder of your pocket wedding invitations. It is customary to choose a colour that would match your bridesmaids dresses or flowers for your invitations. If you have more than one colour used for your wedding you can always incorporate that using your print.

The font style and colour choice of your fonts can determine the feel of the overall invitation and the actual wedding day. Using a more formal style of font and incorporating some formal damask print patterns into the design of your wedding invitations will let guests know that your wedding day will be a more traditional event at a more formal venue. For a more casual chic wedding, try using a more contemporary font, layout and colour choices. Printing in a more
simple font in all lower case letters creates a more modern and creative feeling. Printing personalized monograms and graphics such as custom watermarks can help dress up your custom pocket wedding invitations to create a more unique look and emphasize your wedding theme. For example, for a destination wedding in a tropical destination you can have a couples monogram on the front of the pocket wedding invitation with a watermark of a palm tree or starfish behind it.