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If you are looking for a creative and personal way to invite your guests to your wedding, consider ordering or creating photo wedding invitations. These types of invitations are a good option if many of the bride or groom’s relatives or friends live abroad and may not know the bride or groom. It gives these guests an opportunity to put a face to the person they have heard so much about. The perfect photo of the bride and groom can show their character and personality and the love they have for each other. There are different ways you can incorporate your photo. Some designs may have more of a modern wedding invitation look, and others may give the feel of a more classic wedding invitation card.

Where and How to Incorporate a Photo in your Wedding Invitation Card

There are different ways you can incorporate a photo into a wedding invitation. If you are going with a simple single panel invitation without any folds then you can incorporate your photo into the layout of the actual card. Your photo can be printed on the left side of the page, and your wedding invitation wording text can be on the right side. Try using the images in black and white, full color, or sepia to match your fonts and ink colours you are using and if you know how to alter the photo, you can fade the edge of the photo so that it blends seamlessly into the wedding invitation text.

Another way of incorporating your photo into your wedding invitation is to print it as a faded watermark behind your wedding invitation wording. The font color of the wording printed on top should be dark so that it is legible. Alternatively, the photo can be printed darker as a black and white photo and you can put the print the wedding invitation wording on top in white. In this case, it would be best to use photos that focus on the upper half of your body.

If your invitation is a folded style and you would like to incorporate a photo in your wedding invitation card but would like it to be more subtle, you can put it on a smaller printed square or rectangle that you can attach on the front of the invitation. Again, the photo can be printed in black and white, full color, or sepia depending on the colours of your cardstock. If you create the wedding invitation with a larger printed piece to attach to the front, you can use a cluster of creative photos. Try choosing three photos of you and your fiancé in different poses, crop them all the same size and print them horizontally across the top, or vertically along the left side with your names or monogram printed on the opposite end. For this style of photo wedding invitation, it is recommended to choose photos that are head shots because they are smaller in size and you want to make sure that your wedding guests see the expressions your faces!

Vellum or Rice Paper and Photo Wedding Invitations

For a classic wedding invitation look, many brides and grooms like to incorporate vellum or rice paper on their wedding invitation card. The vellum can be used as an overlay over the invitation wording, as a band around the invitations or as a full wrap around the entire invite itself. Try printing your photo on the vellum and placing it on top of the wedding invitation wording. The two layers can be attached at the top with a bow. If you like the vellum but prefer a more contemporary wedding invitation design, you can use the vellum as a band or wrap that goes around the invitation, to keep a folded invitation closed. The vellum band can slip off and your guests can open the wedding invitation card to see the wedding invitation wording on the inside. For a custom look, print three photos of your fiancé and yourself, cropped to the same size, horizontally across the vellum band or vertically on one side of the vellum wrap that goes around the invitation and embellish with a bow or other ribbon design.

Types of Photographs to use on Your Wedding Invitations

The content of the photographs you choose to use on the invitations can really make a difference to the feel of the actual invitation. For a seasonal wedding, use photos that relate to the theme or season of your wedding. For example, if you are having a winter wedding, use a black and white photo of your fiancé and yourself playing in the snow. If your wedding invitation style is one where you are incorporating a cluster of three photos across the front of the wedding invitation, you can take one photo of yourself lying down in the snow making a snow angel, one of your fiancé and yourself throwing snowballs at each other, and one shot of the two of you smiling from ear to ear in your winter hats with red noses from the cold!

If you have known your fiancé since childhood, you can print your childhood photos onto the cover of your photo wedding invitations and have the invitation fold open to a present day photo of the two of you on the inside printed behind the invitation wording. This type of invitation is truly personal and gives a sort of nostalgic feel to the event. It is a good idea to keep in mind the formality of your wedding when choosing any photographs to use on your wedding invitations. If you are dressed more formally in the picture or if the photo is a posed shot of your fiancé and yourself, the invitation itself will give a more formal feel to the event. Actions shots and candid shots tend to give a more contermporary but casual feel to the event.