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Brides and grooms are constantly searching for unique, one-of-a-kind wedding invitations to reflect their own taste and style. Brides are no longer happy with the simple white and cream single panel cards that are sold out of catalogues. To meet this rise in demand for unique wedding invitation designs a number of new invitation companies have developed unique and modern wedding invitations with a hint of tradition. There are different ways your wedding invitations can be designed to have a modern look but still have a traditional feeling.

Printing Geometric Shapes on Wedding Invitations

Geometric shapes such as circles, squares and rectangles can be printed on the wedding invitations to create a very modern and contemporary wedding invitation. The shapes can be rotated, overlapped or printed side by side in an ongoing pattern. The placement of each geometric shape is very important. If it is carelessly placed, it can look messy and cluttered but if placed and printed correctly in a clean and simple design it can instantly update the look of a more traditional invitation. If you are able employ the help of a graphic designer to incorporate the geometric shapes into your monogram for print on the invitations.

Using Bright Colors

Incorporating combinations of non-traditional bright colors on wedding invitations is a great way to achieve a more modern look. For a contemporary elegance, use unexpected colors on a classic style invitation such as hot pink and mango. There are many different combinations of bold striking colors that look great together on paper. Modern color combinations are focused on colors that contrast, and evoke emotions and images that are fresh and unique! Wedding invitations incorporating the colors orange and azalea look great for a spring or summer wedding invitation because they convey a fresh start and reflect the bright and happy theme inherit in ae spring or summer wedding! Turquoise and blue tones are also great choices as contrasting colors on an invitation because soft blues tend to bring about a feeling of tranquility, while turquoise adds a burst of energy and action to your invitation.

Pocketfold Wedding Invitation Designs

Traditional wedding invitations found in most catalogues are composed of one or two panels so that the additional inserts and pieces mailed with the wedding invitation are thrown into the main envelope. A recent trend is to include pockets on the invitation folder to house all additional inserts such as response cards, hotel cards, information cards and maps or directions cards. Pocketfold wedding invitations are unconventional in design but offer practicality and can be designed in classic wedding colour combinations such as champagne and ivory, to create a modern invitations with a more classic feel.


Recently, environmentally friendly brides have been opting for wedding invitations that are eco friendly. As a result many brides have been on the lookout for recycled materials to create their invitations. This is a very forward and noble way to keep environmental awareness a part of your wedding theme. However, this is still a very new idea, so it can be difficult to find sources that supply recycled materials inexpensively. Putting together a wedding invitation with recycled materials such as various hand made papers, can help create a modern look as many of the papers and supplies have different textures and patterns. However, when teamed with a traditional design these papers can help to add a contemporary twist to a more classic design.