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Finding a desirable wedding invitation is not always an easy task. Very often brides have a vision of their perfect wedding invitations and the only possible way to bring them to life is to make the wedding invitations themselves. Creating custom wedding invitations can sometimes be challenging, however working with the right company or suppliers can make the process a lot easier. The process can be very arduous and time consuming and if the bride is not naturally crafty or experienced the end product may end up looking unprofessional. It may be better in the long run to hire a custom wedding invitations company to create the invitations if the you are unsure whether or not to make the effort.

Colors of the Wedding Invitations

Once you have decided to make your own wedding invitations the first thing to decide on are the colors you would like to use. Usually the wedding invitations are made to match the colors the bride has decided on for the bridesmaid’s dresses or the wedding flowers. If your wedding does not have any specific colors or has a wide range of colours then going with a more neutral and classic colors is always a good option. Color combinations such as gold and cream, brown and cream, and silver and white are always appropriate for weddings. If the theme of the wedding is seasonal you can always bring those colors into the invitation such as copper, burgundy, brown, sage, red and orange for a wedding taking place in the fall.

Design of the Wedding Invitations

Once you have the colors of the wedding invitation in mind you will have to decide on the design. The best place to get ideas is searching through the portfolio of wedding invitations companies online. There are a lot of different options available but keep in mind the amount of time and money you would like to spend creating your own wedding invitations. Some invitations may be single panel, some are folded and some are even folded multiple times however, each style will range in level of difficulty. You will find that there are also a number of do it yourself wedding invitation suppliers that have idea galleries where you can do some of your research. These places may be the best areas to search because they will have all the materials needed to create each invitation shown.

Where to find Suppliers for Materials

Finding the right company to help you through the process of creating your own invitations is very important. If you have questions find a handmade wedding invitation company that can help you out. They can give you suggestions on the types of papers and adhesives to use and may be able to recommend their own suppliers or supply you with the materials directly. Craft stores might also be helpful to find cardstocks and ribbons for the wedding invitations. They can however be more costly than some the companies that offer wedding invitation supplies online. A local print shop can help you with your printing needs and if you know of someone that has experience in graphic design they can assist you with the wording and layout of the invitations.

There are a number of suppliers for do it yourself wedding invitations online. These suppliers often sell blank envelopements, pocketfolders, envelopes, cardstocks and other supplies for putting together your own invitations. Many of them show popular color combinations online as well. Make sure to get a sample beforehand of the papers and materials you are interested in so that you can make sure that you are able to print on them and check that they are compatible with the type of adhesive you intend on using. Also, make sure to price out the cost of the entire package that you are ordering as do it yourself supplies can end up costing more than purchasing through an invitation company.