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Too often, couples excitedly rush home after picking up their unique wedding invitations to send them out to their friends and family only to realize they do not know how to address the wedding invitation envelopes properly! It is very important to address the envelopes according to wedding invitation etiquette as some wedding guests may take offense if they are not address properly. There are many different situations that will affect how you address each guest.

Double Envelopes for the wedding Invitations

Traditionally, wedding invitations are enclosed in two envelopes. The wedding invitation card is placed into an "inner" envelope, and this
envelope is placed in an "outer" envelope. The double envelopes protect the invitations and When the wedding invitation goes through the mail, the outer envelope may become dirty and possibly damaged. The inner envelope remains undamaged so that your guests will receive their invitations in a clean envelope. On the outer envelope, you would print the names full names and titles of the invitees and the address the package is going to and on the inner envelope, you would only list the names of the guests. Usually guests would use a letter opener and cut open the outer envelope and discard it while keeping the clean inner envelope with their names on it with the invitation inside. Parent's names are listed first then list the children's first names on the next line of the outer envelope from oldest to youngest. If you do not want children at your wedding, omit their names from the inner and outer envelope. If there is an individual with an occupational title their name should always be listed first, regardless of sex. When inviting unmarried couples, address the invite to the person you know best, regardless of sex.

Single Envelopes the Wedding Invitations

In the interest of saving paper and money, many brides and grooms send out their wedding invitations in one envelope only. This is a viable
option because most modern wedding invitations are designed to be folded or made out of thicker cardstocks and heavier materials, so the wedding invitation card is protected. It has also become a readily accepted practice then it was in the past. When addressing the wedding invitation envelope, you would print names of the guests and the addresses right on the one envelope.

Who gets a Wedding Invitation?

If you are inviting a family with teenagers over 16 years of age, they are required to receive their own separate invitation even if they live
with their parents. Your officiant, parents and bridal party require a wedding invitation as well - this is not the place to save money!

Method of print

The correct way to address your wedding invitation envelopes according to traditional ediquette is to hand write each address yourself. This
task, althought time consuming, shows your guests that you have taken the time and effort to personally invite them. A lot of brides choose to hire a calligrapher to address their envelopes as it is highly regarded, adds an element of beauty to the wedding invitations and will often save brides some time. However, this option can by costly. It is a good idea to inquire with your wedding invitation company if they are able to print the guest addresses directly on the envelope using a calligraphic font instead. Another option that is least accepted way to address your envelopes, according to traditonal edicate, is to print clear labels and stick them to the envelope. This has become a popular method as it is cost efficient and conveniant.

How to Address the Envelopes

Here is a list of examples to follow when addressing each envelope.

Married Couple:
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Brown

Married Couple - Wife is a Doctor:
Dr. Rebecca Shapiro and Mr. Bradley Joseph

Married Couple - Husband is a Doctor:
Outer: Dr. Philip and Mrs. McGraw

Married Couple - 2 Doctors with the same last name:
The Doctors Brown or Drs. Bill and Mary Brown

Single Friend and unknown guest:
Mr. Jack DiCaprio and Guest

Parents and all children:
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Smith
Trey, Jaden and Willow

Adult Brother and Sister living at the same address
Mr. Wayne Cummings and Miss Rose Cummings

Unmarried couple that live together - Put names on separate lines
Miss Helen White
Mr. Charles Poker

Single Woman
Miss Betty Lars

Divorced or Widowed Woman with Children

Mrs. or MS. Linda Chang
John and May

Father John O'Malley

Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Zuckerman

Elected Officials (Governor, Mayor, Judge, etc...)
Senator Hillary Clinton and Mr. William Clinton