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Many brides try to save money by setting a low budget for their wedding invitations but
finding good quality discount wedding invitations is not an easy task. You are usually required to sacrifice on style and customization of the invitations to save money. Wedding invitations are the first impression you will make on your guests of the wedding day, and it is the only impression they will have up until the wedding day. It is important to give them an accurate preview of things to come on your big day! Here are some tips to help you find beautiful wedding invitations without spending a fortune!

Ways to Save Money on your Wedding Invitations

Always start your invitation search with an accurate count of how many wedding invitation cards you will need. You should purchase a few extra wedding invitations as a buffer, but many brides make the mistake of buying too many wedding invitations. Most invitations will be sent to couples and families so you can usually purchase about half the number of guests you are inviting plus an additional few. An additional ten to fifteen wedding invitation cards will be sufficient. Be sure to have an accurate count of your guest list before you give authorization for your wedding invitation to print your wedding invitations!

Another way to cut costs on your wedding invitations is to have everyone reply by email instead of mailing a response card. This eliminates the need for response cards and response envelopes, so you can receive a discount on the overall wedding invitation package. By doing this, you will also save money because you do not need to purchase stamps for the response envelopes! Lastly, you should try to hand deliver as many wedding invitation cards to your guests as possible, so that you can save on the postage. Most invitation cards are extra postage because the size and weight, so hand delivering the wedding invitations will help cut costs.

Traditionally, you would send a reception card with your invitations if your wedding reception is taking place at a separate location from your ceremony. You can save some money by printing all the information right on the wedding invitation itself. This has become a readily accepted practice that many invitation companies will allow. Be weary of companies that limit the number of lines allowed for printing on the invitations if you are interested in this option. Also, inquire with the company ahead of time if there are extra charges for additional proofs, changes or for adding menu options on the response cards. Often, these are hidden costs that companies only reveal after you have placed a deposit.

Styles of Cheap Wedding Invitations

You can purchase quality wedding invitations on heavy stock or pearlized paper but still spend little on your wedding invitations by choosing a simple design. For example, a single card printed on a heavier stock can be elegant, classic and inexpensive. Have your invitations company create an elegant monogram in a calligraphic font to print at the top of your invitations at no extra charge. You will save money on the invitations and on postage costs as well as the weight of the overall wedding invitation package will be less.

Another way to save some money is to avoid packages with upgrades built into them. Some companies will sell the invitations in a package that include upgrades such as double envelopes that are lined. These types of packages are usually priced to include these options while other companies will allow you to break up these upgrades and avoid purchasing them to save some money.

Choosing a simple method of print for your wedding invitations is also a good way to save on wedding budget. Using engraved print, letterpress or thermograph print on the invitations can be costly. A simple flat print is inexpensive and can be done in multiple colors. Look for companies that will include this type or print at no additional charge.

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Many brides make their own wedding invitations in efforts to save money. It is highly recommended to look for do-it-yourself wedding invitation kits where most of the work is already done for you, and all you need to do is print the wedding invitation wording text and glue it to the card. By going this route, you can ensure that you will achieve a professional look while saving some cash. Purchasing materials and pieces to put the invitations together yourself may save you more the time involved in searching and purchasing several items from several different locations can be time consuming. In the end, it may not turn out to be much of savings. Wedding invitation companies that offer invitations kits tend to discount each item purchased in the kit, so that you can save on budget. Be sure to price out the costs of all the materials needed, and estimate the time you will need to assemble the wedding invitations, because it may be cheaper just to purchase your wedding invitations from the professionals.

Free Wedding Invitations

From time to time, a bride may run across a wedding invitation company offering free wedding invitations. These types of promotions can be seen online or at bridal shows. The selling point of this type of company is to obligate you to purchase a certain number of invitations at a certain price to receive the free ones. Be mindful of the starting prices of these companies. Often, their starting price are higher to cover the cost of the free invitations so that you not saving no the invitations at all. The best way to receive some free product is to make a list of all the stationery you will need for the wedding and try to negotiate for a smaller item such as place cards or favor tags, at a discount or for free if you purchase your wedding invitations from that company.