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It has become a popular trend to give a donation to a charitable foundation rather than giving a bomboniere or wedding favour to your guests. Looking for a bomboniere that your guests will find useful is always a challenge, so many brides and grooms have chosen to use this part of their wedding budget towards a greater good and donate the money to a worthy cause instead. When you are giving a donation in lieu of a wedding favor, you should still give your guests something small so they can have something to take home from your wedding at the end of the night. This can simply be a small treat such as chocolate or candy or something more unique.

A new wedding favor that is a great gift for your wedding guests are personalized note cards. See if your wedding invitation company can print 25 or so note cards with each of your guests’ names on them and package them up for you inexpensively. At the end of your wedding reception each guest will take home beautiful personalized stationery. Imagine how special each guest will feel when they see custom printed note cards that they can use as personalized stationery sitting on their plate as they arrive at the wedding dinner table! A nice way to package the note cards is to use cellophane wrap with a bow tying the bag together at the top. Create these personalized note cards to match your wedding colour theme by using the same paper and ribbon colors as your wedding invitations. Because each guests’ names will be visible through the cellophane wrap, they can act as place seating cards at the table as well!

The design printed on the personalized stationery can also be made to match your wedding invitations. For example, you can use the same ink color and font color as your invitations, and instead of printing the bride and the groom’s monogram on the card, you can print the guest’s mongram on the note card. If you had a motif on your wedding invitations such as an orchid, a damask print, or any other custom design, this motif can be incorporated as a watermark on the personalized stationary so that it will match the rest of the stationery items at the wedding reception tables.

Make sure to include a printed tag attached to the package indicating that you have made a donation instead of giving a gift for the evening. For example you can write, “Thank you for your love and friendship. In lieu of a bomboniere, we have made a donation to The Humane Society.” Be sure to include your names and the date of your wedding as well. For a unique touch add a graphic of a paw print. The personalized note cards should be able to be created and packaged for you for about $3. This pricing should include the note cards, wrapping and packaging. Then the remainder of the budget for bomboniere’s can be given to your charity of choice. Your masters of ceremony can make an announcement about the donation at the beginning of the night and mention a little bit about the charity if it is meaningful to the bride and groom.