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When it’s your big day, you only get one chance to make a first impression. This is a strong factor for engaged couples when picking out their custom wedding invitations. Brides-to-be can create custom, one-of-a kind, handmade wedding invitations and spend up to$10,000 or choose to do it themselves for as little as $100 to $200 for invitations and reply cards.

There is absolutely no limit to what you can design. Materials that can be used include rice paper, wax seals, metallic papers, couture jewelry, ribbons, colored envelopes, and all of these can be incorporated with pocketfolders. Pocketfold invitations can often be use to create any custom made invitation of your choice or design. There are a host of wedding invitation vendors who choose pocket folds because it keeps all the inserts including the reply card, directions, accommodations card and even your reply envelope all tucked into a neat folder.

There is a variety of lavish and specific wedding invitation designs available through a number of vendors and they are often offered at quite a wide range of price points. A lot of custom wedding stationery pieces are designed with a “one-of-a-kind” mentality and would include framing or boxing-in the wedding invitation, using glass and padded envelopes for a save-the-date announcement, crystal boxes for wedding favors and even for the technologically savvy, a DVD invitation showing a 15 minute storyline about the bride and groom’s journey to their special day. Some of the most a beautiful custom wedding invitations are simple but incorporate the colours, a customized monogram and custom fonts that are carried throughout the stationery used for the event. Another option is to ask your designer to find or create a graphic or motif that can also be used on the invitation either as a watermark or right on the front of the invitations. This graphic can be used on the programs, place cards and menus.

Along with paper colors and graphics, the shape and styles of the invitations are also easily customizable. Handmade designers can use square styles, round shapes, embellished or embossed papers or a layering look all inter-designed with unlimited choices for ribbon colors.

The vast selection and limitless upgrades are typical of the wedding industry. Brides have tougher choices to make but more selection. The days of home printed half size page invitations are long gone. Your wedding invitation is the single most important element that successfully or unsuccessfully sets the tone for your wedding day.


Having seen all the options and trends, here are a few tips to help you with choosing the perfect wedding invitation for your special day!

- Determine what you need in totality, invitations are a must what other items and accessories you would be interested in ordering such as place cards, programs etc. Then compare what you you’ll need with the actual budget you have for your invitations (many brides make the mistake of not planning for the accessories or invitation upgrades in their budget. It is standard practice for many companies to charge extra for raised print, guest address printing, return address printing and a host of other items as well)

- Spend 2-3 hours researching online for ideas and styles that suit your taste and your wedding theme. Familiarize yourself with what is available and type of prices points you should expect to pay for the style you want

- Make a note of all the specific materials that you would like to include on the invitation such as ribbon, metallic cardstock, rhinestones etc. and bring that list with you during your consultation and ask your designer to incorporate these items in your design

- Before visiting a local wedding invitation vendor, have a general idea of the colors and style you would like by using the internet, magazines, etc. and a close approximation of the quantities you require so you can get an accurate quote and use it to compare