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For most brides and grooms the most difficult and confusing choices arise while designing their wedding invitations. It can be a stressful and expensive process and most engaged couples will invest a lot of time and effort to create the perfect unique custom wedding invitation for their special day. Most couples struggle to come up with creative wedding invitations that reflect their event and style while staying within their wedding budget. There are many options that brides and grooms can consider when designing their own personalized wedding invitations. Here are some suggestions that you may consider when choosing your own creative wedding invitations.

Base Materials

Coming up with creative wedding invitations can be as simple as choosing unique base materials. There are a variety of cardstocks that can be used to create your wedding invitations and they come at a variety of prices. Vellum or rice paper can be a nice choice for a more casual customized look and can be used on top, under or around any printed pieces to add dimension to your wedding invitation. Also available are some japanese papers with unique designs and patterns
and other patterned papers that may work with the colours and themes of your wedding day. If the paper you like is expensive consider using it as an small accent piece on your invitations. You can cut the paper into strips and use it as a band of colour or cut in into blocks to use for layering. This can be especially effective with busier and more
colourful papers that may be too overpowering when used on their own.

Shape and Packaging

There are a number of unique ideas that may work for you when coming up with your own creative wedding invitations. However, it is important to keep your budget in mind when coming up with invitation ideas as creativity usually comes at a price! Scroll wedding invitations are creative and unique and there are a lot of options available to order online. They can be a nice surprise when your guests receive them in the mail but they do usually cost quite a bit to mail so it is usually a more practical option for those who intend to hand deliver most of their wedding invitations. Another creative wedding invitation idea is to create rolled up wedding invitations that come in a small glass bottle. This is a nice idea for destination wedding invitations. Consider adding small shells or some starfish in the bottle as a
personal touch. To achieve a high end formal feel, you can send your wedding invitations in a box with the invitation wrapped in tissue. There are patterned and silk boxes available for this purpose but again you should expect to pay quite a bit extra to mail the invitations.

Layout Options

If you are looking for ways to create custom invitations without breaking the bank the most affordable way to personalize your wedding invitations is it create and print custom graphics on your nvitations. Your wedding invitation company can help make suggestions to make your invitations stand out from the rest. Patterns that are printed off the edge of the paper in the corners of the invitation or all around the invitations can make a bold statement. Printing all of your wording on the left or right hand side of the invitation and leaving the rest blank or printing your lettering in all lower case print creates a very contemporary look. For a more modern feel you can add geometric patterns and for a more traditional look add damask, scroll or floral ornaments. For a very personalized look you can add photos to your wedding invitations. Try adding a series of three small photos on the cover of your invitation or one larger photo behind the main wording of the invitation. For a destination wedding invitation a creative idea is to create an invitation that looks like an actual passport. You can incorporate photos of the couple and a stamp of the location where their wedding will be taking place as well as addtional travel information.

Additional Design Elements

There are a lot of three dimensions design embellishments that are available to add to your wedding invitations as well. Many wedding invitation companies offer a variety of rhinestone buckles and brooches that can be incorporated into the design of your wedding invitations. These can be used in combination with other elements such as ribbons and lace to create a more formal look and help to add texture and pattern to your invitations. For a more simple look you can add a
single rhinestone detail to the front of your invitation in between your names or show your guests you are holding black tie event by printing a silhouette of a chandelier with a few rhinestones. For a more tropical feel you can attach a large single silk flower with a rhinestone embellishment in the center to the front of the invitation or for a couture feel you can wrap your invitation with a few beads strung on some soft wire. All of these suggestions can help create
your own creative wedding invitations but keep in mind less is definitely more when adding addtional design elements. Try sticking to one or two of any of these design suggestions for the best results.