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When you think of the word couture your first thought may be of fashion. However, the term couture also extends itself to describe the most opulent high end exclusive wedding invitation designs. Couture wedding invitations set themselves apart through their one-of-a-kind modern yet formal style. Usually these types of invitations will have at least one or more unique elements that make them stand out above all other invitations.

Specialty Materials

No couture wedding invitation would be considered fashionable if it was not made with the highest quality of specialty papers and fabrics. Silk, satin and velvet are often used in the creation of couture wedding invitations. Thick satin ribbons may adorn the wedding invitations with a large over the top bow or the invitation itself may even sit inside of a silk or satin sleeve or wrap. Other possible materials to use include handmade papers, rice papers or other such high end papers. Couture wedding invitations are usually built up of multiple layers of papers and materials to achieve a more elegant look.

Specialty Print

The overall look of a couture wedding invitation is strongly affected by the method of print used to create the invitations. Flat print can be used to create the invitations if you are going for a more colourful invitation. Using this method of print allows you to layer many colours together whether it be opposing colours for a very bold look or similar colours for a more tone-on-tone effect. Couture wedding invitations with flat print will often incorporate the use of patterns, ornaments and prints as backgrounds, borders and watermarks.

When choosing to print with thermography print or letterpress print you usually have less use of colour and pattern as there is more dimension to the actual invitation wording and print. With thermography print the lettering is raised and can take on a metallic or pearlized sheen. With letterpress print the design of the invitation is usually more simple with a high quality thicker stock to showcase the impressed lettering. The other alternative print method usually used for couture wedding invitations is calligraphy. This involves a process where a skilled calligrapher will actually hand write an invitation for the bride and groom. This image is usually digitally reproduced on cardstock for the invitations. In this case, the lettering itself is usually the highlight of the invitation as it is usually full of detail and nuances.

Added Dimension

To make your wedding invitations truly couture, usually some added dimension is required. Some couples choose to send out their invitations in boxes instead of envelopes so that guests will actually feel like they are receiving a gift. Other couples may simply add embellishments to the actual invitations themselves. This will usually include items such as rhinestones, buckles, lace, brooches, sequins, tassels or other dimensional objects that fit with the theme and style of the wedding. In some cases, unique materials such as actual dried starfish, ostrich feathers or peacock feathers may be added to the front of the invitations. Make sure to consider the practicality of mailing your invitations when adding the embellishments. If you get too creative you may have to hand deliver all your wedding invitations!