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Contemporary wedding invitations can be hard to find but if you take the time and effort to make just a few custom changes to your wedding cards the results can be a cool and contemporary invitation that makes a statement.

Contemporary wedding invitations come in many styles. Your choice of styles can be inspired by the location of your wedding or possibly your own personal style. Often the paper and material colours that you choose or the typestyles that you use can be the first indication of the style you are going for. For a stronger bolder look, try using bolder colours such as fuchsia, lime or tangerine or a combination of a couple of them for contrast. For a cool look we would suggest leaning more towards blues and greens.

Handmade invitations have become a very popular trend. Some of these styles might include the use of ribbons and specialty papers such as papers with a metallic sheen or japanese papers. They are usually not mass produced and take more effort to be created and put together by the supplier. However, by working with a company that creates handmade invitations you can produce more unique wedding invitations that will suit the feeling and atmosphere you are trying to create for your wedding.

Often, it is the small choices that can influence the overall look of the invitations. When putting together your custom wedding invitations try to choose components with a contemporary feel but try to keep things simple and clean. For example, choosing a simple smaller typestyle for your print will offer a more modern feel to the invitations. Placement of print can also make a difference. Try to avoid too much clutter. Sometimes it can be a creative touch to print in all lower case letters to achieve a different look.

Monograms can be used to create a more contemporary style. Research different types of monograms and even design your own unique monogram. See if your company can work with you in using it or reproducing it on the invitations. When going for a contemporary monogram again, keep in mind the tips used for the overall invitations. Keep the fonts simple and clean Try incorporating geometric shapes and lines to create a one-of-a-kind look.