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Wedding dresses come in many different styles ranging from traditional to contemporary designs. Choosing the perfect wedding dress can be an enjoyable experience if you know what you want. On the other hand it can also be a chaotic nightmare sifting through bridal boutiques, wedding magazines, chat boards and wedding forums for ideas on styles that will suit you best. Whether you know what you want or don’t have the slightest clue where to start, every bride dreams about walking down the aisle on her special day in the perfect wedding dress.

There is a lot of bridal fashion advice nowadays and an abundance of choices to select from in most bridal salons. There are also some tips and and tricks online and on television that can help you narrow down your choices. The most important factor in finding the perfect wedding dress is the bride’s personality. When the bride finds a dress that suits her character and features, she will look and feel gorgeous no matter what her wedding style may be.

First and foremost, the most important unwritten rule, which may be the best piece of advice for a bride is to be confident and realistic. Emphasize your positive assets, highlighting your favorite aspects and take the attention away from the other features you believe are less positive. Ask professionals for an exclusive consultation for your hair and makeup so you can experiment on what type of styles would suit your shape and look of face, schedule regular manicures and pedicures to make sure your hands, nails and feet are in good condition for the wedding day, and consider getting your teeth whitened either professionally or at home. Also, try to treat yourself to a weekly facial and body spas. If you are glowing, your dress is sure to glow with you regardless of the dress you pick.

As it is entirely your decision, the two main questions to ask yourself is where will you get the gown and what style of dress are you going to wear? Do some research on the internet and choose a few companies through local chat boards or forums that carry a wide array of styles and colors you are interested in. After you have visited these boutiques and have made a list of all the possible upgrades of adding gems, beads, lace, jewels, tulle and tried on a couple dozen veils, narrow it down to two or three dresses. Then give yourself a few weeks to make the final decision on which dress to wear for the very special day. Bring a close friend or family member with you and they can give you advice and help on what suits you best. This can be especially helpful in situations where a bride is torn between two dresses.


The shape of your skirt will have a strong influence on the overall feeling of your entire wedding. The silhouette can range from a traditional full-skirted ball gown shape which will create more of a formal look to a more modern sleek fitted column dress which has more of a casual sophisticated look. Whatever you choose should make you feel gorgeous but should also be comfortable as you will be spending the majority of your big day in that dress.

The ball gown shape is very full and often the fabric from which it is made will affect the style of the skirt. A full tulle skirt in a ballerina style, or a heavy or structured fabric can have a very different effect. This kind of skirt suits many figures and can disguise a pear shape, but be aware that on a very full figured woman this style of dress can emphasize the bride's size rather than flatter her best features. Very petite brides may feel a bit swamped and overwhelmed by this type of style. Work with your dress salon to decide on the amount of fullness in the skirt that would work best with your body type.

A less full look can be achieved with an A-line skirt. As the name suggests, the skirt is A-shaped and don’t flare out quite as much as the ball gown skirt. This style is flattering to most brides, particularly those that are pear-shaped or fuller-figured
An empire line dress is usually straighter than the A-line styles. This style has a seam just underneath the bust and then falls away to the floor and usually suits smaller-busted, slim brides.

A column dress has a sleek modern line that is usually quite fitted to your figure. These usually suit slimmer brides and those that are taller. Petite brides might prefer this look to the fuller styles. These dresses can tend to be more restrictive so it is important to consider the materials that it is made in. Make sure that the dress is not so fitted that it will not allow for proper movement throughout the day.

A mermaid or fishtail dress is similar to a column dress but will usually put more emphasis on the bride's curves. This style is often figure-hugging until after the knee when it flares out. If you are petite but would like something quite flattering this style may be more suitable as it allows for a bit more movement.


Once you have decided on your dream dress, choosing the bridesmaids dress and color should be done so that there is consistency in style and the general impression your own dress will make. The bridesmaids’ dress color is often a big influencer for the color and style of other elements to your wedding. The bridesmaid’s gowns can impact the style of flowers, décor, and all your wedding stationary, including favor boxes, save-the-date cards and wedding invitations you will use for your wedding.

For a more contemporary look try choosing bridesmaids’ dresses with a combination of brighter colours and simple lines. For example, a simple knee length fuschia strapless chiffon dress looks great with a lime coloured sash tied around the middle. For a more formal look consider, burgundy or chocolate, floor length satin gowns for your bridesmaids. Although brides typically plan for all of their wedding invitations to match, remember that the wedding invitations are mailed two months before the special day. As long as the invitation design is in line with your wedding style it does not have to be a complete match in colour to your bridesmaids’ dresses. A good tip is to keep the invites simple and classic and you will have your guests seeing the time, effort and thoughtfulness you put into creating the perfect setting for your special wedding day.