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A bride’s bridal shower is a right of passage for her in becoming a bride. It is usually hosted by the maid of honour, the bridesmaids, or the mother of the bride and groom. The bridal shower is usually held approximately one month before the wedding, and the bridal shower invitations are usually sent about two months before the wedding. Usually the response can be done through more casual methods such as phone, email, or mail.

A larger shower consisting of 50 or more guests should be held at a party room or a banquet hall. For this type of larger shower the best method of reply is using response cards. A smaller shower can be held at a person’s home, or at a restaurant that can be sectioned off for your party. Holding the bridal shower at a home or at a banquet hall allows you to prepare games for the guests and allows a more intimate setting. When mailing out the bridal shower invitations, be sure to include a bridal shower registry information card and a map to the location. This way guests will know what to get for the bride and avoid duplication of gifts!

Bridal showers tend to revolve around a theme, and the theme of your bridal shower should be reflected in the shower invitations. Below are some ideas:

Garden Bridal Shower Theme

If the bridal shower is held in the spring season, you might want to consider a Garden theme. A backyard with landscaping and flowerbeds would be a great place to hold the shower. On the bridal shower invitation, you can add a special motif to signfy your theme such as flowers, butteflies in a basket or simply just gardening tools. The bridal shower invitation can also be based on one particular flower, such as the bride’s favorite flower. The colours on the invitation can reflect fresh spring colours such as honeydew, pink or canary. Small details can be added to the bridal shower invitation such as a small bow on the stem of the flower, or a rhinestone jewel in the center of the flower for added dimension. The font colour and style should also not be overlooked. The font style should look fresh and bright, and the ink colours chosen should match the colour of the bow or the colour theme of the shower. If the bride enjoys gardening, you can ask each guest to bring a gardening tool, and the guest with the most unique tool will win a prize! Another idea is to ask your guests to each bring a packet of seeds for the bride. At the end of the shower collect them all into the basket as a gift for the bride.

Baking Bridal Shower Theme

A baking theme is suitable for all seasons, and is most appropriate if the bride enjoys baking or just sweets in general! On the bridal shower invitation, you can add graphics of muffins, pastries, cakes, other sweets, or baking utensils. Again, additional touches can you added by gluing a bow at the bottom of the cake or other graphic, or adding a rhinestone jewel on the graphic. A good idea is to send out a blank recipe card with the invitations. Have all the bridal shower guests fill it out with their favourite recipe and bring it to the shower and collect them all in a recipe box for the bride to take home.

Cherry blossom

For a cherry blossom theme it is a nice touch to incorporate some Japanese Chiyogami paper into the design of the invitation. As cherry blossoms give a delicate, elegant and tranquil impression, the invitations should also reflect this. Be sure to choose a fine cursive font for the typestyle of the invitation and match the ink colours used on the invitations to the Japanese Chiyogami paper selected. A popular way to incorporate the Japanese paper into the invitation is to cut it into strips and wrap it around the invitation like a band or you can even line the invitation envelope with the Japanese paper.

Bridal Shower Place Cards

If the shower has more than 30 guests, it is recommend to print place card settings so that there is an organized seating arrangement. For a simple folded place card, you can include the same graphic from the invitation at the top of the place card, and use the same font style and colour as the bridal shower invitation to keep the theme consistent. Printing Name ________ and Table no. ____ underneath the graphic is a good idea so you can fill in the information for your guests. For precautionary measures, print at least five additional blank place cards in case additional guests response late or show up!