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Once you have decided what your bombonieres will be for your wedding, you will need to decide on a method to package them. Some stores offer this service for an additional charge, but many do not. It can be difficult to find a bomboniere supplier that has a wide variety of selection for packaging options. The bombonieres are usually placed on the plate of each guest, or on a table at your wedding reception, so they will be a big part of the wedding day. Try packaging the bombonieres in your wedding colours if possible so that is ties in with your colour scheme . Depending on the actual gift, you can package the bomboniere in a box, in tissue, or cellophane wrap.

If your bomboniere is a smaller item, you can purchase a custom favor box from your wedding invitations company. Often, you can purchase them assembled, or unassembled in the same paper and ribbon colors that you have used for your custom wedding invitations. It is a nice touch to print the same monogram used on your wedding invitations in the matching font and ink colours on your bomboniere tag. Bomboniere boxes are available in different shapes and sizes so that you can choose one that is most suitable for your gift and wedding!

Certain shapes of the favor boxes can be used for different purpose and themes. For example, if your wedding invitations were black and white, and you are holding a formal black tie wedding, you can purchase tuxedo shaped favor boxes that will match perfectly! Try tucking your bomboniere tag in the neck of the tuxedo box for a more unique look. If you are giving a way a piece of cake at the end of the night, you can order boxes shaped in a slice of cake for your banquet hall to package the cake pieces in and tie a bow around the box! When placed in a circle at your table the cake boxes look elegant and if placed on an elegant cake stand can double as centerpieces for your wedding reception tables. Many boxes are made to fit one or two truffles. These types of boxes would be perfect to use in conjunction with a donation favour. Make sure to print a message letting your guests know which charity you have donated to on the bomboniere tag and tie it to the box using some ribbon.

If your bomboniere is large, it will usually come in a box. Usually you will still need to wrap it and add a printed tag thanking your guests for attending the wedding with some ribbon. Inquire with your wedding invitations company whether the paper used on your wedding invitations can be ordered in larger sized text weight sheets, so you can wrap the boxes using this paper. Also purchase a roll of the ribbon in the same color used on your wedding invitations to use to tie a bow around the gift and attach your bomboniere tag.

If your bomboniere is an irregular shape or you cannot find a box for it, you can use tissue or celephone to wrap your gift. You can purchase the same color tissue as the paper used on your wedding invitations or use a layer of clear cellophane wrap if you want your guests to be able to see the bomboniere. The most simple and attractive way to wrap this would be to scrunch up the tissue at the top and tie a bow to hold it together. Make sure to use the same ribbon used on your wedding invitations and customize your bomboniere tag to match.

If you are giving a way confetti, candy or something very small in conjunction with another gift, you can put them in tins or organza bags. Those are widely available to purchase on the internet or at local craft stores. Often the supplier will also offer options for decoration the organza bags or tins as well.