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Black wedding invitations was virtually unheard of in the past. However, the trend has changed and black wedding invites have become quite popular and nowadays signifies an elegant black tie affair. As many bridesmaids dresses are also being offered in black satin the demand for black wedding invitations has increased. Black wedding invitations offer a more contemporary look and feel to the invitation and the upcoming occasion, representing the modern bride.

Modern Black Wedding invitations

Black wedding invites can actually be quite versatile. If you want to create more modern wedding invitations the wedding invite can be a simple single tall thin ivory or white card with black print all in a lower case. Try using the layout of the invitation to create a more contemporary feel. You can print the wedding invitation wording on the lower half of the card in small print leaving the top half blank or print all the wording of the invitation in a very simple font on to one side of the card. Another option is to layer the wedding invitation using a metallic. Try creating a custom monogram in black with the initials of the bride and groom that can be printed on your custom wedding invitation.

For more detail add geometric or retro images and graphics printed off the edge of the invitation page to create a high end contemporary wedding invitation. Other colours that can be incorporated with black invitations to create a modern wedding invitation look are tangerine, mango, azalea, apple, and turquoise. Use small amounts of these colours as accents on your black wedding invitations for more effect as this will create a greater contrast.

Classic Black Wedding Invitations

Black wedding invitations can also be very elegant and classic for a more formal wedding. A more sophisticated metallic pearl black pocketfold invitation layered with white cardstock and black ribbon looks very formal and elegant. Adding a brooch or rhinestone buckle with satin ribbons on the invite to add some sparkle and dimension for a more glamorous wedding invitation! Other colours that can be incorporated with a more traditional black invitation are ivory, cream, silver, gold, red, champagne, light gold, charcoal, beige and burgundy. Again use these colours in small amounts for greater contrast and a richer feel. Try also to incorporate damask or scroll images and patterns on the invitation to signify a more formal affair and be sure to use a more scripted font.